July 25, 2008

Lifehouse Family

For the longest time, I've resisted the temptation to catch any of the foreign acts performing locally because of all the horror stories I've heard about them - 30 min shows, 5-song repertoire, bad crowd control etc. Altough I hear the recent shows have been a lot hotter, I've already become too lazy to buy myself a ticket whenever big names come into town. Like I really wanted to hear Alicia Keys live but I don't feel its worth spending for =p. I think the day I'll finally buy myself a really expensive concert ticket will be the day her Madgesty decides to come and visit.

So anyway, I unofficially attended my first foreign gig last night with Lifehouse. I was in a trade launch for a new TV station and they got Lifehouse to play a couple of songs. It was one of those moments you go "Ahhhh so they were the ones who sang that" (ECT without BCT mwehehe). I didn't know I was a Lifehouse fan until last night. They actually sound good live. As expected, everybody rushed to the stage when the band started to play except for me and a couple of us who
didn't want to loose our seat. I also figured I might as well take a video of them just so, well, I guess thats what you do when youre in a concert haha

Party host: And now please welcome, Lifehouse!
girl1: Lifehouse? Diba sila yung "Finally found the love of a lifetime"? (Referring to Firehouse)
girl2: Di, Lifehouse family yun!

I love my officemates!

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