July 6, 2008

Hed Kandi Air

Hed Kandi, in partnership with Monarch airways, flies holiday makers from the UK to Ibiza with FlyKandi. Ok the information is not relevant to the local setting but I feel its one of those co-marketing projects (or "initiatives" as some people would put it =p) that make you go..."Brilliant! Why not?"

Those who know me a little bit better know I'm a Kandi fan so what I'm going to do next is excusable. If I got the thinking behind this project right, the brief must have sounded something like : "Hed Kandi delivers the freshest beats to all party hubs around the world. One popular summer british holiday destination is Ibiza. While we already have presence on the island, there must be a way to elevate the Kandi experience further. Extend the relationship beyond the beach and the clubs. Own the entire holiday from start to finish." (Nerd! =p)

I can just imagine the possibilities...flight attendants dressed in Kandi clothes (maybe one in Back to Love, another in Twisted Disco and another in NU Cool), Kandi in-flight music, funky seats and furniture...wow!
I wonder what the in-flight snacks will be? Coke or E? How about Coke with E? haha This is definitely one flight I'd loooove to try (maybe next to the Qantas Antartica flight and the commercial flight to the moon).

Enough about the serious stuff and lets get to the music. Here are a couple of tracks from my latest favorite CD - the freshly released A Taste of Kandi Summer 2008 sampler.

A Taste of Kandi Summer 2008

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