July 14, 2008

Answering my own question on grooming

A couple of month's back I threw a male grooming question nobody cared to answer -- Does anyone know of a good electric pre-shave solution? Today, I will attempt to answer that. Yes, you can say I've reached a new level of self-importance by answering my own question but just in case some lost soul out there decided to upgrade his grooming equipment from blade to electric razors and want to enhance his shaving experience, this one is for you.

Why exactly do you need a pre-shave solution? If you are an electric razor user you know it doesn't take much effort to trim facial hair (even when there's a pimple in the area). But sometimes, dry skin can make the shaving experience unpleasant. A pre-shave solution moisturizes the skin for effortless electric shaving. Plus, it leaves the skin cool and refreshed. Teka lang...I'm starting to sound like a commercial...Anyway, a pre-shave soluton is much like shaving cream but without the nasty foam you have to clean up or shave blindly with (don't you just hate it after you've washed the cream off and find out that you've missed a spot? Err!) I wasn't aware of the existence of such a product until I accidentally stumbled upon it while shopping for Christmas gifts. Being the marketing/personal care sucker that I am, I immediately bought into the idea and in fairness, it does make the shaving activity much more enjoyable :)

Bottomline I used it A LOT and I couldn't find any other brand which offered the same product. All everyone had were shaving gel and after shave. Not until two weeks ago, when I stumbled upon a Men's personal care outlet in The Cathay on Orchard Road, did I discover that Zirh, Lab Series and Billy Jealousy had it. I ended up purchasing Billy Jealousy because it was the cheapest of the three but the moment I finish this bottle I'm going to try Lab's simply because I know where to get it locally(Rustans of course). To me it's just one of those grooming items you learn to not live without...like facial wash or oil paper or moisturizer =)

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Harry Velasco said...

I think I have to try this pre-shave thingie.