July 15, 2008

Be the first 10 to get a copy of the NEW HANGAD CD

To celebrate 10 years since the first Hangad album, Hangad is back in the studio to record a special edition CD to be launched next month. No details yet on when and where it will be available but it will contain the following tracks:

track 1 - choral version of a solo track in the original Hangad album

track 2 - choral version of another solo track/popular wedding song in the original Hangad album

track 3 - upbeat Hangad original which was also a concert title in 2007

track 4 - a capella version of a song popularized by a JesCom movie

track 5 - rearranged solo to trio + choral previously recorded in The Easter Journey

I'll give out FREE COPIES of the CD to the first 10 people to guess all 5 tracks correctly by July 22. You'll know the answer if you've been watching our concerts and my youtube videos =)

Just EMAIL YOUR ANSWERS TO MAIL@HANGAD.COM. If you answer through blogspot or multiply, I won't confirm anything :)

Tell all your choirmates about it!


Anonymous said...

pwedeng sumali? :D

jampackedbear said...

SURE! just email your answers to mail@hangad.com =)

Anonymous said...

I sent my entry via email to mail@hangad.com...

Tricky yung 4th track, but I was able to work it out. Thanks to the downloads from your blog and I was able to search among the titles which was made into a movie.


dedpish said...

i sent mine at MAIL@HANGAD.com. all capitalized. hmpf.