July 22, 2008

And the winners are

Last week I announced a contest in my blog about the new Hangad recording. Thanks to everyone who submitted their entries through mail@hangad.com. Here are the correct answers:

track1 - choral version of a solo track in the original Hangad album
Pag-ibig Ko

track2 - choral version of another solo track/popular wedding song in the original Hangad album

track 3 - upbeat Hangad original which was also a concert title in 2007
Walang Ibang Hangad

track 4 - a capella version of a song popularized by a JesCom movie
Maging Akin Muli

track 5 - rearranged solo to trio + choral previously recorded in The Easter Journey
Awit ng Paghilom

I got a couple of great guesses but these are the first 10 to make the cut. Congratulations to:

1) Chinky Ü
2) Tito Pao
3) Bouie*
4) wee castro
5) vincent pinon
6) Robert Reyes
8) glenn alfaro
9) Rychus Cortina
10) Lester Lat

Please send me your mailing addreses (jam.packed.bear@gmail.com) so I can personally send you a copy of the CD before its being sold commercially.

To those who didn't quite make the cut or who viewed the post but found the questions too tough to submit an entry, I'll be releasing another one soon so watch out for it.

Here's a video of Maging Akin Muli from the Walang Ibang Hangad a capella concert last year (a song which the basses painfully tried to achieve recording an hour ago but didn't quite finish...Good luck to us!)


Anonymous said...

yey! i won.lol

btw, my real name is enrique leroy g. rodriguez, not SIRIUS BLACK.

Anonymous said...

i have already sent you an e-mail.

have you read it?



glenn said...

wootwooh!!! i won! thanks James!

leroy said...


i am still waiting for the prize.

i am sooo excited. lol