July 29, 2008

Missed your chance to get a free CD?

It's Tuesday and time to give away another batch of free CDs! Ok this time I'll make it easier =)

When (year) and where (exact venue)
was the 1st Hangad album (tape) launched?

(hint: the answer can be found in my Youtube videos)

First 5 people to get the correct answer by Friday (Aug 1) gets a free copy of the album.

Like last time, please send your answers to mail@hangad.com.
If you answer through blogspot or multiply, I won't confirm anything :) Winners will be posted here next Tuesday (Aug 5) and will be asked to submit their mailing addresses. Prizes will be mailed by end of August (the album is still being produced. Yep, its that fresh!).

For those who won last time, geeev tsans to aders naman!

Leaving you with Paulo Tirol's One Thing I Ask piano instrumental(Not an official recording. Just something he recorded at home and posted in his blog -- and I stole hehe) Drop him a note and tell him what you think at mail@hangad.com =)

One Thing I Ask - Paulo Tirol/Hangad

Good Luck!

July 28, 2008

Who ever said babies had it easy?

If I remember my college psych 11 correctly, we start stuffing our brains with memory at age 4. What happened to you before that is a collective memoir of everyone you only see in pictures and videos. Wouldn't it be nice to get a glimpse of how you were from birth until 3 years old? Imagine being a baby again and experiencing the world for the first time. Pampers lets you do just that Pampers World - an interactive funhouse/educational display that lets you roam around the "house" and live it through a baby's eyes.

I had the chance the play with the LAAARGE furniture last Sunday and let me tell you, I wana be a baby again! hahahaha Seriously, its not just eye opening and fun, you actually appreciate what you went through the first 3 years of your life. The event almost lets you experience everything except peepee, poopoo and breastfeeding =p. While going through the rooms I actually was looking forward to a giant bowl of babyfood mush in the end and have a giant food fight but it was not meant to be WAAAAAAAAHHH!

The organizers should have additional rooms where you experience the following activities again, but not necessarily in this order: baptism, annoying relatives pinching your cheek, naked baby pictures and breastfeeding (kulit!)

Me and Anama in the giant crib.
Ahh, if only the bottle was filled
...with beer!

Baby Paulo and Baby James want Baby Anama and Baby Anj for dinner!

Ate, ate whats that thingy?

I don't want to go peepee in the potty!

Look mommy I'm walking!!!

Catch the next run of Pampers World on August 9-10 at Mall of Asia! Its sure to be an unforgettable experience for you and your family!

Thanks Chad for the pics!

Brand Camp:Silo Farming

July 27, 2008

Lucky Pussy : Maneki Neko

"According to ancient legend, this cat stood in the doorway of the Gotoku-ji temple
and raised her paw in the traditional Japanese beckoning gesture to a feudal lord who was passing by.
The feudal lord followed the cat into the temple and instantly, a lightning bolt
struck the place where the lord had been standing. Thus the cat had saved his life.
From then on, the Maneki Neko has been considered an incarnation of the Goddess of Mercy.

In business the Maneki Neko is said to bring success.
This is because her raised paw beckons in customers. It also welcomes in personal happiness
and harmony...
Traditionally, the kitty with her left paw raised brings in business
and the kitty with her right paw raised brings in money

So how many Maneki Neko's do you need to lure customers into your showroom?

This "altar" in a Makati office building surely was praying for a deluge of customers. Etiher that or the owner thought it was cute to let the Virgin Mary(bottom part of statue in picture) to have pet Maneki Nekos.

Wana see superstition in action? Click on the video and FEEL THE POWER! =p

Thanks Pau for the pic!

July 25, 2008

Lifehouse Family

For the longest time, I've resisted the temptation to catch any of the foreign acts performing locally because of all the horror stories I've heard about them - 30 min shows, 5-song repertoire, bad crowd control etc. Altough I hear the recent shows have been a lot hotter, I've already become too lazy to buy myself a ticket whenever big names come into town. Like I really wanted to hear Alicia Keys live but I don't feel its worth spending for =p. I think the day I'll finally buy myself a really expensive concert ticket will be the day her Madgesty decides to come and visit.

So anyway, I unofficially attended my first foreign gig last night with Lifehouse. I was in a trade launch for a new TV station and they got Lifehouse to play a couple of songs. It was one of those moments you go "Ahhhh so they were the ones who sang that" (ECT without BCT mwehehe). I didn't know I was a Lifehouse fan until last night. They actually sound good live. As expected, everybody rushed to the stage when the band started to play except for me and a couple of us who
didn't want to loose our seat. I also figured I might as well take a video of them just so, well, I guess thats what you do when youre in a concert haha

Party host: And now please welcome, Lifehouse!
girl1: Lifehouse? Diba sila yung "Finally found the love of a lifetime"? (Referring to Firehouse)
girl2: Di, Lifehouse family yun!

I love my officemates!

July 23, 2008

Romy and Michelle moment

Today I got an IM from a very good buddy about a highschool barkada reunion in Cebu. Strange because I found out that he and another retro friend were chatting about my falling out with another friend - who I happened to dream about the night before I got the reunion notice. Exciting! We haven't been in same room since highschool. You know how it is when ooooooold friends reminisce about EVERYTHING. I'm sure this'll be non-stop-dusk-till-dawn laugh trip. I hope they bring the burn book with them. Yes! You read it right. A BURN BOOK! Though I think we called it by another name then. Mean Girls got the idea from us hahaha. It'd be interesting to see how everyone has changed (or not). Anyway, in honor of the occasion, here a playlist of ...hits from senior year! 1994-1995.

Don't you just love imeem =)

July 22, 2008

And the winners are

Last week I announced a contest in my blog about the new Hangad recording. Thanks to everyone who submitted their entries through mail@hangad.com. Here are the correct answers:

track1 - choral version of a solo track in the original Hangad album
Pag-ibig Ko

track2 - choral version of another solo track/popular wedding song in the original Hangad album

track 3 - upbeat Hangad original which was also a concert title in 2007
Walang Ibang Hangad

track 4 - a capella version of a song popularized by a JesCom movie
Maging Akin Muli

track 5 - rearranged solo to trio + choral previously recorded in The Easter Journey
Awit ng Paghilom

I got a couple of great guesses but these are the first 10 to make the cut. Congratulations to:

1) Chinky Ü
2) Tito Pao
3) Bouie*
4) wee castro
5) vincent pinon
6) Robert Reyes
8) glenn alfaro
9) Rychus Cortina
10) Lester Lat

Please send me your mailing addreses (jam.packed.bear@gmail.com) so I can personally send you a copy of the CD before its being sold commercially.

To those who didn't quite make the cut or who viewed the post but found the questions too tough to submit an entry, I'll be releasing another one soon so watch out for it.

Here's a video of Maging Akin Muli from the Walang Ibang Hangad a capella concert last year (a song which the basses painfully tried to achieve recording an hour ago but didn't quite finish...Good luck to us!)

July 20, 2008

My new booze buddy

Make the most out of your cocktail experience at home without worrying about driving home (or having someone else drive you home or crashing into someone else's couch or puking in a public toilet). Meet your new best friend and online bartender BOOZEBUDDY - helping you get drunk, one drink at a time. Cheers!

July 18, 2008

While waiting for the earthquake

I'm sure everyone has received that email forward about the 8.1 earthquake prediction supposed to be happening anytime today. While I personally don't believe in it(just like a lot of people), I can't help but be a leeeeeettle bit paranoid (again, just like a lot of people). Of course science says no one can predict eathquakes and the email content was less than credible but who knows? Maybe out of the 1 million dubious Nostradamuses out there, this one happens to be for real(I bet chamba pa). That's why I'm on the lookout for when all the rats and cockroaches(aka our office sanitation engineer's pets) start stampeding out of my office. Or when suddenly theres a sudden flock of birds flying out of Makati. Or when snakes, armadillos and kookaburras start scurrying out of their homes in Salcedo Park. Or when a taong-grasa starts shouting "The end is nigh!" in the middle of Glorietta (how very Hollywood disaster movie). Ok ok you get it right?

So while we're all waiting for our impending doom, here's a video we can all enjoy in the meantime. If this singer's version doesn't start an earthquake then I don't know what will.

July 17, 2008

Chinatown Hoedown

,pA pinoy and an american walked into a bar in Chinatown called Barrio Chino and...Sounds like the beginning of a bad racial joke.

Anyway, I surprised myself recently by staying sober after finishing a small-coleman's worth of Hoegaarden beer. Who knew I still had it in me? Cheers!

The white guy in the pic is my boss

The fountain of youth.

Large size glass on the left.
Extra extra large on the right (mine)

July 16, 2008

Guilty pleasure alert! ANTM 11on Sept 3

The fun never stops. Too many bimbos want in on this thing and we're loving it!

Want Cycle 11 spoiler? Check this and this out.

July 15, 2008

Be the first 10 to get a copy of the NEW HANGAD CD

To celebrate 10 years since the first Hangad album, Hangad is back in the studio to record a special edition CD to be launched next month. No details yet on when and where it will be available but it will contain the following tracks:

track 1 - choral version of a solo track in the original Hangad album

track 2 - choral version of another solo track/popular wedding song in the original Hangad album

track 3 - upbeat Hangad original which was also a concert title in 2007

track 4 - a capella version of a song popularized by a JesCom movie

track 5 - rearranged solo to trio + choral previously recorded in The Easter Journey

I'll give out FREE COPIES of the CD to the first 10 people to guess all 5 tracks correctly by July 22. You'll know the answer if you've been watching our concerts and my youtube videos =)

Just EMAIL YOUR ANSWERS TO MAIL@HANGAD.COM. If you answer through blogspot or multiply, I won't confirm anything :)

Tell all your choirmates about it!

July 14, 2008

Answering my own question on grooming

A couple of month's back I threw a male grooming question nobody cared to answer -- Does anyone know of a good electric pre-shave solution? Today, I will attempt to answer that. Yes, you can say I've reached a new level of self-importance by answering my own question but just in case some lost soul out there decided to upgrade his grooming equipment from blade to electric razors and want to enhance his shaving experience, this one is for you.

Why exactly do you need a pre-shave solution? If you are an electric razor user you know it doesn't take much effort to trim facial hair (even when there's a pimple in the area). But sometimes, dry skin can make the shaving experience unpleasant. A pre-shave solution moisturizes the skin for effortless electric shaving. Plus, it leaves the skin cool and refreshed. Teka lang...I'm starting to sound like a commercial...Anyway, a pre-shave soluton is much like shaving cream but without the nasty foam you have to clean up or shave blindly with (don't you just hate it after you've washed the cream off and find out that you've missed a spot? Err!) I wasn't aware of the existence of such a product until I accidentally stumbled upon it while shopping for Christmas gifts. Being the marketing/personal care sucker that I am, I immediately bought into the idea and in fairness, it does make the shaving activity much more enjoyable :)

Bottomline I used it A LOT and I couldn't find any other brand which offered the same product. All everyone had were shaving gel and after shave. Not until two weeks ago, when I stumbled upon a Men's personal care outlet in The Cathay on Orchard Road, did I discover that Zirh, Lab Series and Billy Jealousy had it. I ended up purchasing Billy Jealousy because it was the cheapest of the three but the moment I finish this bottle I'm going to try Lab's simply because I know where to get it locally(Rustans of course). To me it's just one of those grooming items you learn to not live without...like facial wash or oil paper or moisturizer =)

July 11, 2008

Hung like a House

Now here's a place along Orchard Road where you're sure to find all things Hung.

July 9, 2008

Two new eyeballs for take away please (part 2)

By next week it'll be three months since my laser surgery and I'm very happy to tell the world how FREE I FEEL WITHOUT GLASSES!!! Since the procedure I had received my first REAL pair of sunglasses (Thanks Pau!), enjoyed Boracay sunsets without worrying about my lenses getting wet and sweated out in the gym without having to push anything sliding off my face. I realize that I still haven't posted the continuation of new eyeballs blog (part 1) so here it goes.

I got to St. Luke's around 30 mins before my scheduled procedure. The nurse had said after my check-up that I had to undergo some "prepping" before entering the OR. I didn't know exactly what that meant but I showed up early anyway. When I entered the Vision Laser Center there was an ongoing operation and I was surprised to know how "open" the procedure was. The was a window where the patient's companion could watch (and in my case, document and film) the whole thing. I don't remember feeling bothered by it, amused maybe. Good thing this wasn't a lipo procedure haha.

I was led to a room adjacent to the OR (the same room had my eyeballs dilated on my last visit), asked to leave my shoes outside, put on a surgery cap and wear the UUUUGLIEST HOSPITAL GOWN! EVER! Well, not that I've worn any of hospital gown before but this was just...ugh. Anyway, so the nurse had me seated on a lazyboy beside a tv which showed the actual operation happening inside. the operating room. The patient inside was having the same procedure as I was (PRK) so I was able to prepare myself mentally on what was about to happen...so the doctor was going to clamp my eyelids open, then pour solution, then slice em, then fire laser at them... I can handle that =p I was given several eye drops for sanitazion and anesthesia then the doc examined them one last time, wrote on them (yep, he wrote on my eyes) and led me to the operating room.

So the video below was how my procedure went. No blood here so don't worry if you have weak stomach.

(That's me under the machine and those are my eyelids on the monitor being clamped open.)

(Pau's talking to the nurse on the background.
You can see the laser beams hitting my eyes on the last 4 secs.)

The procedure lasted for about 10-15 mins but the actual laser was only 30 sec. The first thing the doc asked me when I stood up from the operating table was to look at the clock and say what time it was. He pointed to a wall clock about 3m away and voila! I can tell the time! (There's an actual video of me getting up from the operating table but it showed me wearing that ugly operating gown so no way was I gonna share that =p).

I was given a recovery kit which included shades (yey not goggles!), eye drops and lubricant.

(Audio's bad but I show the recovery kit 20 secs into the vid.
Oh and check out the St. Luke's branded shades hehe)

Recovery was such a nightmare because my eyes were burning for weeks and I had to go back to my normal life (which included two previously scheduled out-of-town trips to research on laundry soap). You don't feel the pain after the operation because of the anesthesia but after a couple of hours, the sensation sinks in. The only prescription I was given was to sleep sleep sleep. Waking up was the hardest because the moment you open your eyes you'd feel the sting. Sunlight was bad also because the glare would be too bright. The whole recovery experience was worse for me because I was a "slow healer" so what normally took 7 days took me twice the time. But obviously I'm all over it now. I'm still not 100% used to it, like I catch myself adjusting my "ghost eyeglasses" once in a while and I'm noticing freckles on my eye area which I didn't know I had, but it's definitely something I'm enjoying. It's literally like making the blind see again - almost a miracle =)

July 8, 2008


I certainly didn't ask for this. I was happy being anti-social in my own little corner during the party when IT showed up staring me in the face....like...like...like... an apparition...or BF's face on the MMDA billboard along EDSA...or your officemate's growing hairy mole. I didn't know what else to do but(t) take a pic. Say cheese! COIN SLOT ALERT!!!

Since we're on the subject, check out this SNL spoof of Lindsay. We all could use some of this! haha

Brand Camp: The Organizational Bullwhip

July 6, 2008

Hed Kandi Air

Hed Kandi, in partnership with Monarch airways, flies holiday makers from the UK to Ibiza with FlyKandi. Ok the information is not relevant to the local setting but I feel its one of those co-marketing projects (or "initiatives" as some people would put it =p) that make you go..."Brilliant! Why not?"

Those who know me a little bit better know I'm a Kandi fan so what I'm going to do next is excusable. If I got the thinking behind this project right, the brief must have sounded something like : "Hed Kandi delivers the freshest beats to all party hubs around the world. One popular summer british holiday destination is Ibiza. While we already have presence on the island, there must be a way to elevate the Kandi experience further. Extend the relationship beyond the beach and the clubs. Own the entire holiday from start to finish." (Nerd! =p)

I can just imagine the possibilities...flight attendants dressed in Kandi clothes (maybe one in Back to Love, another in Twisted Disco and another in NU Cool), Kandi in-flight music, funky seats and furniture...wow!
I wonder what the in-flight snacks will be? Coke or E? How about Coke with E? haha This is definitely one flight I'd loooove to try (maybe next to the Qantas Antartica flight and the commercial flight to the moon).

Enough about the serious stuff and lets get to the music. Here are a couple of tracks from my latest favorite CD - the freshly released A Taste of Kandi Summer 2008 sampler.

A Taste of Kandi Summer 2008

Buti pa cya...

may ad campaign na. Ang gwapo kasi! =p