June 4, 2008

I'm no Dairy Queen

Don't bother getting excited about the new Dairy Queen because its not as yummy as it used to be. Well, at least not the Mud Pie Blizzard (which used to a favorite). While its not as expensive as before(my medium-sized Blizzard cost only P80), I feel they sacrificed the quality of the ingredients. My Mud Pie Blizzard tasted like a creamy low grade MILO-ish ice cream mixed with Oreos. Sad =( I got so frustrated with it I only ate half and threw away the rest. I don't recall having ever done that any ice cream...EVER. I'm a major dessert guy so for me to throw away something like that was big. Oh well.

I'm willing to give it another try though (Yes I have faith in DQ!). Maybe the branch I ordered from (Robinson's Galleria) was just a sucky one.

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