June 5, 2008

Finding God in a bad joke

An hour after I wrote down my last angsty entry, I took a cab to my Salcedo office. Right after I told the driver where I wanted to go, the first thing he said to me was:

"Alam nyo po ba na merong mga baklang pulis? Lalake sila sa operation pero pag may mga events sama-sama yan sila lahat. Merong mga silahis pero meron ding baklang-bakla talaga."

What the?! ...But it was SO HILARIOUS and totally uncalled for that I forgot what I was worrying about. The conversation didn't go far though. He wouldnt say where he got the information from (and why would nyone be interested....right? RIGHT?! =p)

The cabbie didn't know it but that story was what I needed today. God really is in the unexpected (even if its a discriminatory joke haha).

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