June 6, 2008

30 list

"Oh my God James you're old na!"

Loren pretty much summed up all my age apprehesions when she innocent proclaimed this to my officemates over dinner last night. Gee thanks a lot Loren. I really appreciated that =p

So anyway, just to assure myself that my 30 years on this planet have not been wasted, I thought I'd make one of those cliche "30 things I learned at 30" list. Nothing too serious here. And I won't explain each item because it'll be too boring and loooong (I prefer short blogs). So here's my list:

1.) Its always better to laugh and cry with someone else.
2.) Know when to say sorry (its just pride).
3.) Some things are really better left unsaid.
Know where you derive your personal meaning.
5.) Love someone else but love yourself back.
6.) Don't take yourself too seriously.
7.) Treat yourself...a lot.
8.) Don't be afraid to see the world.
9.) Learn to appreciate the small things.
10.) There will always be something new to learn.
11.) Make your own decisions and own up to it.
12.) Don't be afraid to break the rules.
13.) Dance like no one's watching (literally).
14.) You can't always blame the alcohol.
15.) Tequila does not mix well with beer.
16.) Learn a vice but dont stick to it.
17.) Find humor in everything.
18.) Be naughty but look good doing it.
19.) Work hard but party harder.
20.) Shop like there's no tommorow (maybe once in a while).
Stay away from toxic people.
22.) Patience is hard but rewarding.
Compliment others and mean it.
24.) Inspiration is meant to be shared.
While the Church may not be on your side, God is.
26.) Don't expect apparitions and dancing suns.
27.) No matter what kind of a rut you're in, all shall be well.
28.) You don't have to believe everything you were taught growing up.
29.) Have some drama in your life.
30.) Keep a blog to prove your sanity.

I just realized I can go on and on. So I HAVE learned a couple of things after all. Each item on the list is a blog entry waiting to happen. Oh well let's see. In the meantime...Cheers!

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