May 31, 2008

Not the Boracay I know + extended Happy Hour

While walking from Sur (Station 1) to English Bakery(Station 3), Pau and I decided to walk along the beach instead of taking the usual detour along restaurant row. I don't recall taking this route during the daytime recently so what I passed by really shocked me.

drain flowing out to White Beach

I don't know how some people can still enjoy the beach with all the trash lying around.


Word of advice, if you want to enjoy Boracay White Beach at its finest, stick to Station 1. You don't have to stay in the area if you're on a budget. You can just wade your way from your station to the next hehe. Besides, Happy Hour is best enjoyed in front of a beautiful, white, uncrowded beach.

Speaking of Happy Hour, Happy Hours in SUR are now from 1pm to 7pm! OH YEAH! 3 bottles of San Miguel Beer, San Miguel Light or Red Horse for only P100! Plus buy 1 take 1 on mixed drinks! Why wait till sunset to get hammered?

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