May 17, 2008

Long live juicy booty! (ANTM 10 spoiler, well, not technically)

Cycle 10 of America's Next Top Model (another one of my guilty pleasures) has just concluded with a full-figured model(Whitney Thompson) proclaimed as the winner. After 10 cycles, I know better than to actually believe ANTM winners become REAL top models. C'mon! The show is obviously all about Ms. Tyty and whatever cause she wants to "represent". This season, its about changing the fashion industry by recognizing that full-figured can be beautiful. Hmm...Let's see how far Whitney goes. Long live juicy booty!

If you want a real modelling competition, AustNTM should be the one you're watching. These girls can outpose any ANTM winner anytime. Weekly Youtube shows are uploaded in this channel.

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