May 5, 2008

Heaven in a Chilly Burger

Finally! After hearing about Sebastian's Ice Cream Studio and how it is "the-best-ice-cream-ever!", I got to taste it for the first time on my side of town (Level 4, The Podium). I got so excited I didn't go for the normal ice cream flavors (which was P85/scoop) but went straight to the biggie Chilly Burger - their version of the ice cream sandwich. Think Presto Funwich or Coney Island Eskimo Roll or Penny Brown Smackers but with MORE ICE CREAM, BIGGER COOKIE, and TWICE AS PACKED!!! Need I say more? I chose Cookies N Cremeburger which was... *sigh*... white chocolate packed between
chocoloate cookies sprinkled with crushed oreos...*sigh* heaven! A Chilly Burger might cost P110 a pop but it definitely satisfies like 10x the price. Chilly Burger party anyone?

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