May 26, 2008

Bisyo na to!!!!

It started out as a curiosity thing...then it was my consumer "in-touch" tool...ngayon...BISYO NA TO!!!!

magandangmagandangmagandangmagandangmagandangmagandang umaga mga kabisyo! Tambalan na! Gravacious to the maximum revelacious!

If morning radio was coffee, Morning Rush would be your tasteful but sophisticated Cafe Au Lait while Tambalan would be the unapologetic 10 shots of espresso - not only wakes you up but keeps you going throughout the day.

Tambalang Balasubas(Chris Chuper)
at Balahura (
Nicole Hyala)

Una magdasal ka para mabuhay ka. Pangalawa magtoothbursh ka para mabuhay ang iba. YUUUUN!!!!

They also have their own version of a morning countdown such as...Tof 5 na reaction ng mga nyergulang pag wewet nila bet yung wawi ng junakis nila (Top 5 na reaction ng mga magulang pag hindi nila gusto ang boyfriend ng kanilang anak).

Catch them (I dare you to be wipe off that elitist raised eyebrow) every morning (around 7am-9am) at 90.7 or listen to their uploaded shows here.

Nakalove ka pa ba? KAHAPON PAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

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