May 29, 2008

another bitch in the airport

God I hate hate hate the domestic airport. Every pet peeve a traveller could possibly have is here --> uncomfortable seats, overcrowded waiting area, chaotic check-in counters, ridiculously overpriced food and first-time fliers. If you're the type of traveller who checks-in early (like me) then its an added burden to have to spend about an hour breathing in the bad air circulating the venue. The only positive thing I can think of about this decaying airport are the newly renovated bathrooms - but then thats hardly saying anything. I still think theyre kinda gross.

Ok here's a marketing idea for DOT: Recreate fantabulous Philippine destinations at the airport waiting area. Not some cheezy styrofoam/cardboard mock-up but maybe some kinda 3D virtual 360-degree tour or something. Get the LGUs to sponsor it. Jsut give the veeery attractive mayor a lifesize standee or something. He'll be happy to see anything that makes him resemble artista. Not only will the waiting passenger welcome this change in scenario (from drab all white environment to colorful scenery (or "sineri" according to Regine Velasquez in the Wow Magic Sing commercial), this will also increase the traveler's desire (who by now is a markerting victim) to travel again. Come to think of it, maybe this could be a Cebu Pacific activation strategy. Simulate domestic destinations and conduct on-site selling. Close the sale while the traveller is "experiencing" the destination. Oh yeah!

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