May 31, 2008

Not the Boracay I know + extended Happy Hour

While walking from Sur (Station 1) to English Bakery(Station 3), Pau and I decided to walk along the beach instead of taking the usual detour along restaurant row. I don't recall taking this route during the daytime recently so what I passed by really shocked me.

drain flowing out to White Beach

I don't know how some people can still enjoy the beach with all the trash lying around.


Word of advice, if you want to enjoy Boracay White Beach at its finest, stick to Station 1. You don't have to stay in the area if you're on a budget. You can just wade your way from your station to the next hehe. Besides, Happy Hour is best enjoyed in front of a beautiful, white, uncrowded beach.

Speaking of Happy Hour, Happy Hours in SUR are now from 1pm to 7pm! OH YEAH! 3 bottles of San Miguel Beer, San Miguel Light or Red Horse for only P100! Plus buy 1 take 1 on mixed drinks! Why wait till sunset to get hammered?

I have camel toe(s)

"Camel toe!" - Joanne
"They're disturbing" - Migs

"How do you keep them from falling off?" - Teen
"P***ras!" - Paulo

And that's exactly why I love wearing my Dopies. They're SO conversation starters. Besides, everybody already wears Havianas (aka overpriced tsinelas) or Crocs to Boracay. I alternate between this and my trusty Islander (Yes I'm proud to own an Islander! Kapal ng Orig, Tibay ng Orig! =p)

Dopie is designed to defy gravity. You can wear em with or without the strap and its totally comfortable. According to Ana (cousin-in-law and Dopie distributor),
they're initially available in Chocolate(got mine in Chocolate SM Cebu for about the same price as a Hav).

Been wanting to get another pair aside from my Sky Blue one. The Camouflage version looks really cool. Check out the Dopie website for more colors and designs.

May 30, 2008

Hangad Downloads Menu

Since according to my Google Analytics blog stats majority of people visit my site to download Hangad stuff, I'm making it easier to get to the content through a new download links list. If you're reading this in Blogspot, just scroll down my homepage and check out "Downloadable Hangad Stuff" menu. If you're reading this from multiply, visit my blogger account here.

Note though that I'm only sharing stuff that isn't commercially available. So requests for mp3s or scores from the first 4 albums (Hangad, Hangad A Capella, Pasko Naming Hangad and The Easter Journey) will be ignored. I still have a couple of minus 1s and midis to share so check out the site from time to time.

If you've already downloaded the scores and learned the music, do share back to me or hangad (via a recording. We'd appreciate it A LOT =)

Hangad songbooks and CDs are available at Tanging Yaman outlets (SM Megamall, Gateway Mall, Ateneo de Manila), House of Praise, St. Pauls, major record outlets. Music can also be purchased online through mp3.pilipinas.

Mariang Back-up Ko - heavenly tech support

What I love about design is that it always gives another dimension to an object's functionality. Take the Maria 1Gig USB Flashdrive(with beating heart!). I honesly don't know what to make of it but I'm sure every use guarantees a religious experience. Not only will the user have an interactive religious icon (its heart "beats" everytime the flashdisk is accessed), he will also have the peace of mind that his data is safe. Seriously, if this were available locally I think it'd be a hit. Along with the Sto. Nino optical mouse and Sacred Heart portable speakers =p

Purchase the item online here.

May 29, 2008

another bitch in the airport

God I hate hate hate the domestic airport. Every pet peeve a traveller could possibly have is here --> uncomfortable seats, overcrowded waiting area, chaotic check-in counters, ridiculously overpriced food and first-time fliers. If you're the type of traveller who checks-in early (like me) then its an added burden to have to spend about an hour breathing in the bad air circulating the venue. The only positive thing I can think of about this decaying airport are the newly renovated bathrooms - but then thats hardly saying anything. I still think theyre kinda gross.

Ok here's a marketing idea for DOT: Recreate fantabulous Philippine destinations at the airport waiting area. Not some cheezy styrofoam/cardboard mock-up but maybe some kinda 3D virtual 360-degree tour or something. Get the LGUs to sponsor it. Jsut give the veeery attractive mayor a lifesize standee or something. He'll be happy to see anything that makes him resemble artista. Not only will the waiting passenger welcome this change in scenario (from drab all white environment to colorful scenery (or "sineri" according to Regine Velasquez in the Wow Magic Sing commercial), this will also increase the traveler's desire (who by now is a markerting victim) to travel again. Come to think of it, maybe this could be a Cebu Pacific activation strategy. Simulate domestic destinations and conduct on-site selling. Close the sale while the traveller is "experiencing" the destination. Oh yeah!

May 28, 2008

The dance number to end the summer

Since its rainy season once again, here's a clip to end summer 2008. Everybody dance and sing along now hehe

May 26, 2008

You know you're being called to another career when...

you take a whiz in your office bathroom and see this in front of you.

Saving electricity (part 2)

Eto pa

(part 1 here)

Bisyo na to!!!!

It started out as a curiosity thing...then it was my consumer "in-touch" tool...ngayon...BISYO NA TO!!!!

magandangmagandangmagandangmagandangmagandangmagandang umaga mga kabisyo! Tambalan na! Gravacious to the maximum revelacious!

If morning radio was coffee, Morning Rush would be your tasteful but sophisticated Cafe Au Lait while Tambalan would be the unapologetic 10 shots of espresso - not only wakes you up but keeps you going throughout the day.

Tambalang Balasubas(Chris Chuper)
at Balahura (
Nicole Hyala)

Una magdasal ka para mabuhay ka. Pangalawa magtoothbursh ka para mabuhay ang iba. YUUUUN!!!!

They also have their own version of a morning countdown such as...Tof 5 na reaction ng mga nyergulang pag wewet nila bet yung wawi ng junakis nila (Top 5 na reaction ng mga magulang pag hindi nila gusto ang boyfriend ng kanilang anak).

Catch them (I dare you to be wipe off that elitist raised eyebrow) every morning (around 7am-9am) at 90.7 or listen to their uploaded shows here.

Nakalove ka pa ba? KAHAPON PAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

May 24, 2008

The chef recommends

For today's lunch special, the chef recommends and White Cheesecake and...

How healthy!

Oh and please ask the server for AVAILABILE fruits.

May 23, 2008

Strangely addicted to American Boy

Ok first things first, NOT Jake! Cool boss though =p

I'm talking about
Estelle and Kanye West's collab.
Heard it over Morning Rush this morning and I can't stop playing it over and over. Is it too late to have another summer anthem?

Urduja - tagalog full length animated film

Saw a taxi ad on this last night (uuy transport touchpoint =p) Wonder if its any good. Well, either this or the neo-ethnic rock cinderella hahaha

4 minutes - one woman version

Igo! When are you coming out with your video? =)

May 18, 2008

With Yous

Stumbled upon this version of Chris Brown's "With You" by Boyce Avenue in Youtube. Nice!

Boyce Avenue

This leads me to Ar-chupeta's lame version last week (Sorry I'm a Cook in Kristy Lee haha whatif?!). Can I just say...he's so gay! I was watching the American Idol marathon on StarWorld yesterday (from 11am to midnight!) and his " Better Shop Around" was so...ummm...prancy =)

David Archuleta

Anyway, this is how With You should really be done. White guys singing " I need you boo" are just weird .

Save electricity

or something like that according to this sign inside Cerivini Caf

May 17, 2008

Long live juicy booty! (ANTM 10 spoiler, well, not technically)

Cycle 10 of America's Next Top Model (another one of my guilty pleasures) has just concluded with a full-figured model(Whitney Thompson) proclaimed as the winner. After 10 cycles, I know better than to actually believe ANTM winners become REAL top models. C'mon! The show is obviously all about Ms. Tyty and whatever cause she wants to "represent". This season, its about changing the fashion industry by recognizing that full-figured can be beautiful. Hmm...Let's see how far Whitney goes. Long live juicy booty!

If you want a real modelling competition, AustNTM should be the one you're watching. These girls can outpose any ANTM winner anytime. Weekly Youtube shows are uploaded in this channel.

Starting my mornings right

No wonder I've been waking up grumpy every morning. I not only have to deal with the early morning EDSA traffic and the smogline on my window, I only have to see this every morning...


May 15, 2008

Ageism & Me

To help me cope with my pre-birthday angst (I'm about to turn 3 decades old...old...OLD), I uploaded a lovely little widget on the upper right side of my blog from The Age Project. LOVELY! Check it out --->

If you're reading this from Multiply, visit my blog HERE.

May 14, 2008

The new breed of free shuttle services

As if Piso fares werent enough. Cebu Pacific now offers "free flights". All you need to pay for is the travel tax. Actually, this is old news (you still end up paying around P5k for international tickets). But hey, give me cheap internation flights anytime!

Here's a copy of the email blast I got.

ZERO comes before JUAN!

CEB offers more than 500,000 P0 .00 fares to international and domestic destination!

We know you are familiar with our trademark PISO fare, and because we love giving you wonderful surprises, we're giving you FREE FARES this time to all our domestic and international destinations!

The promotional seat sale will run from May 15 to 18, 2008 or until the allocated 500,000 seats are sold out. This is good for travel from June 9 to December 31, 2008.

Now all you have to do is pick a date, pay for the taxes, fuel & insurance surcharge and you're off!

Hurry, book now at


Can anyone tell me where the RESET button to life is? I need to reboot and start all over.

May 9, 2008

Purchasing Hangad Music Online

We've been getting a lot of international inquiries lately about purchasing Hangad music online. Here's a site that gives you the option to purchase full Hangad CDs or individual tracks. Click on the links below to direct you to the specific album pages.

Brooke's Songs from the Attic

Check out her version of Coldplay's Yellow (track 8 below).
Read more about the album here.

Searching for meaning online

Got this from my Atoy. Sharing this to everyone who feel the need for guidance and inspiration during these trying times.

Log on to on May 10, 2008, and join the Philippine Jesuits for an Internet recollection we are calling "Pentecost Roads: Searching for Meaning." On the night before Pentecost, from 8:00 to 11:59, three Jesuits will be online to answer questions about vocation from fellow seekers.

"Pentecost Roads" is for you if you think that there is a road out there waiting for you. You don't even have to be sure about this. All you need is a feeling - even a vague one - a hunch, or just a suspicion that you might have been created for something else, something more that you have yet to discover.

We hope to walk down "Pentecost Roads" with you on May 10!

please spread the word.

May 7, 2008

Top 5

Studio recordings from the Neil Diamond night (the most BORING night of the season).

David's Analog Heart

David Cook recorded this album back in 2006. Read more about the album here.

Bringing Hairy Back

I think I might have missed the building memo warning everyone about Sasquatch moving into the building. I was caught offguard when I saw him in the elevator this morning. Calling the Fab 5! Someone here needs manscaping!!! Oh and did I mention he was wearing a white shirt with low neckline to show off his bushy bushy bush? Seykse! *puke* Too early in the day for horror stories.

May 5, 2008

Heaven in a Chilly Burger

Finally! After hearing about Sebastian's Ice Cream Studio and how it is "the-best-ice-cream-ever!", I got to taste it for the first time on my side of town (Level 4, The Podium). I got so excited I didn't go for the normal ice cream flavors (which was P85/scoop) but went straight to the biggie Chilly Burger - their version of the ice cream sandwich. Think Presto Funwich or Coney Island Eskimo Roll or Penny Brown Smackers but with MORE ICE CREAM, BIGGER COOKIE, and TWICE AS PACKED!!! Need I say more? I chose Cookies N Cremeburger which was... *sigh*... white chocolate packed between
chocoloate cookies sprinkled with crushed oreos...*sigh* heaven! A Chilly Burger might cost P110 a pop but it definitely satisfies like 10x the price. Chilly Burger party anyone?

May 4, 2008

The mindless weekend I needed

After a bad week last week, the last thing I wanted to do over the weekend was THINK. Thank God for classic and mindless abandonware. Nothing like finding the DOS VGA games of your childhood like Family Feud, Jeopardy, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego and Civilization I. Oh and how can I resist Blockout, DigDug and Donkey Kong on the side? haha. Check it out. Just google "abandonware" plus the name of the game and you'll be presented with lots of download sites. Careful though. It's addictive and BLISFULLY MINDLESS... YEAH! I love being a zombie =p

May 2, 2008

The Easter Journey

FINALLY! Here is Hangad's new music video THE EASTER JOURNEY. Enjoy! =)

Click here to download a copy of the video.