April 3, 2008

A toast to breakfast

Eating breakfast in another country is not really one of my favorite activities. Unless you're staying in a really nice hotel with really nice breakfast buffet then it shouldn't be a problem. But if your hotel breakfast sucks or you're just too cheap to pay for it (like in my case it was additional SG$30....or half of my allotted per diem....NO COMMENT!!! I KNOW RIGHT?!), you have no choice but to forage the streets hoping to bump into a place offering something familiar (aside from McDonald's). I had my mind set on a dimsum breakfast that morning but my friend and I ended up in another place which seemed popular to the locals judging from the early morning queue.

Noodles! I saw from the menu. I guess I can live with that. But when it was my turn, the cashier told me the only thing they serve for breakfast was toast. Hmm alright, I'll order the thickest toast (based on the picture on the menu). "Will that be with butter or peanut butter?" I chose peanut butter. I don't what I was expecting to receive but I got what I ordered - a slice of toasted bread with peanut butter...um...ok...and this is supposed to be breakfast? So that's the secret to staying fit in this city. Oh and along with my toast were two soft-boiled eggs...slurp!

Man if I wanted peanut butter toast I could have prepared it on my own (with Gardenia and Ludy's? hehe) and not pay money for it (kacheapan! but what do you expect with a measly per diem?). I wonder if this concept will fly with Pinoys. I hear there already is a stall in Mall of Asia selling toast. Good luck to them.

Oh and just in case you were wondering, the peanut butter toast tasted like....you guessed it...peanut butter toast.

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