April 3, 2008

No Regrets Ramielle

Too bad Ramielle won't be the first Asian American idol... but I'm sure she saw this elimination coming. Well not like the pessimistic and looks-like-she-doesn't-wana-be-there Kristie Lee Cook anyway (What was up with the "Kristie's Seat" sign? Can't she just voluntarily quit the show and make it easier for all of us?).

I don't really feel bad for Ramielle because 1) she was starting to get boring with her song choices; 2) she'll make it outside the show anyway...look at Bucky!....Yeah right. 3) she's still young and has a couple more years to develop her skills. So there. Cheer up Ramielle fans. It's definitely not the end of the road for her unless she decides to work as a sushi girl again.

Hey Ramielle you know what? You should
just come to the Philippines and do a project under Star Records. That's a guaranteed Gold record right there hehe. I bet some companies/ad agencies/brand managers already have you in mind for their 2009 campaign. Be a Kapamilya, endorse a local telco or a personal care brand or a fast food chain, act in a couple of soaps (You'd be perfect for the api character), and join the Champions in ASAP. You can't go wrong with that. Who needs Hollywood right now when you can earn your first million here? See ya!

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