April 4, 2008

Hooray for Playboy

So someone finally had the balls to launch a local Playboy. Good for him!

If there's anything I'm thankful for its that we live in a society that's more tolerant than others. ...well at least in our part of the world.Hmmm....maybe except for Thailand.

Anyway, so the magazine raises issues on morality and religion...I say it doesn't matter. What's the big deal about sex on display anyway? We already have it staring us in the face along EDSA and gyrating to the beat every lunchtime. It's not like Filipinos don't know about it. Heck, its the national pastime. Just look at our population figures (more business for Pampers!) But seriously, it's really cool to have the freedom to read what you want to read, watch what you want to watch and believe whatever you want to believe. We should not do something simply because we were told it is wrong but because we believe deep down that what we are doing is wrong. We might have been brought up surrounded by built-in mechanisms or guidelines in society who brainwash us about morality but it doesn't mean that we should live like robots and not learn how to think for ourselves. Bla bla bla...

Bottomline, I'm not for or against the magazine (and if you know me you know perfectly why). I'm just happy to be given a choice and its unsettling how some people don't respect choices.

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