April 24, 2008

Battle of the Poos (The most beautiful life can't wait )


So are you a Pantene goddess or a Sunsilk star? I think Juday and Claudine can take on Nikki, Marian and Maja anytime (not that I'm a fan). By the way, what happened to Heart? Masyado na bang mataas ang TF?

In case you're wondering who I think wins this round, my vote goes to Fashion Girl! hahaha Think of all the little girls(and boys!) telling their mommy to buy Palmolive after seeing the commercial.

Of course, who can ignore Papi ...shampoo dito! shampoo dyan!

Too bad I don't currently use (or plan to use) any of these brands...Don't you just love being an empowered consumer?

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bouie said...

Siguro tumaas nga TF ni Heart. Rason naman daw ng mga reps niya is that she's in the US daw that time. Maniwala?!