April 30, 2008

Finally! Reasonable mobile surfing from Globe

As a heavy mobile surfer, its good to know Globe has finally gotten competitive with its surfing rates. They are now implementing a time based charging scheme or P5.00 for 15 mins of unlimited browsing.
Unoriginal but still competitive. Get the details here.

The perfect print ad

At least its in color haha

April 24, 2008

Battle of the Poos (The most beautiful life can't wait )


So are you a Pantene goddess or a Sunsilk star? I think Juday and Claudine can take on Nikki, Marian and Maja anytime (not that I'm a fan). By the way, what happened to Heart? Masyado na bang mataas ang TF?

In case you're wondering who I think wins this round, my vote goes to Fashion Girl! hahaha Think of all the little girls(and boys!) telling their mommy to buy Palmolive after seeing the commercial.

Of course, who can ignore Papi ...shampoo dito! shampoo dyan!

Too bad I don't currently use (or plan to use) any of these brands...Don't you just love being an empowered consumer?

April 21, 2008

Happy Meal Museum

Next time you're in Bacolod, check out the McDonald's branch along Lacson St. and oggle at the vast Happy Meal toy collection. Its, well, happy!

Brand Camp: Poser Marketing

My version...

Product:"Fine, you win! I give up trying to interrupt you with hyped-up/overexposed celebrities, and jumpy jingles only your kids remember which you stubbornly refuse to watch. You can join my text promo instead or register at my website."

Consumer: "Di kasama and promo sa unlimitext at friendster lang alam ko sa internet"

April 19, 2008

Yogi Gelo 4

Another pose Pau can't remember
(aka bootlicker)

Full locust
(aka bottom boy)

Top 7

Studio recordings(except for Jason Castro's) from Mariah episode. Enjoy!

April 18, 2008

The first step to admitting your age

We all age...but it doesnt mean we shouldn't try to age gracefully. http://www.olay.ph/

Two new eyeballs for take away please (part 1)

Its been a week since my eyeball makeover and I can finally look at my computer monitor without tearing up or worrying about the glare. I still cant read clearly except for big enough fonts so I'm kinda writing this part-blind (interpret as: if you've sent me an email this week please don't think its been ignored =p). Its getting better though. I notice slight improvements everyday. I guess that's why I'm very optimistic about achieving 20/20 (or somewhat) soon. Can't wait!

So a lot of people have been asking me about the experience because, apparently, almost every optically challenged person I know has thought about going through the procedure at some point in their lives. I don't know if everyone had the same PRK experience but this was how it happened for me.

I only know of two places who perform laser eye surgery:American Eye Center and St. Luke's Vision Laser Center (VLC), I didn't really do much canvassing because my preferred doctor was part of VLC (Thanks Nic!) but nevertheless I wanted to check out American Eye Center. One phonecall insquiry answered by a robotic and cold receptionist from the American Eye Center was enough to tell me it was the wrong place. Especially since the VLC lady I spoke to earlier sounded very credible and caring (gosh I just realized I'm a sucker for customer service. Well, I think we all should be).

So anyway, I booked my weekend appointment and was told to bring a friend who could drive me home becase after the consultation and tests I wouldn't be capable of driving myself home.

I show up at VLC for my scheduled appointment and after filling up the data sheet, was led to a room with high tech appatuses to undergo a series of tests. The test results were supposed to give the doctor an idea if I was a suitable candidate for the procedure and whether I should go undergo Lasik or PRK.

I was told I had a thin cornea and that if I wanted to proceed, PRK would be the route for me. Obviously I said yes (like I had a choice). It was also explained to me that there was no guarantee of achieving a perfect 20/20. The optometrist demonstrated this through the eye chart and fitting on me different lenses ranging from best case scenario to better case scenario (I think it was unsaid but kinda understood that the worst case scenario was going to be blindness). The coolest part of the consultation was when they dilated my pupil to check eye lubrication and other stuff. Pau captured the moment for posterity so this was how my eye looked. See? see?

After qualifying for the procedure (consultation and test cost Php 3k+) they booked me for a friday slot and was given a contract which the reception lady said was the "scariest part in the procedure" (I liked that she had a sense of humor. Made me feel like I was just ordering coffee at starbucks =p). She wasn't kidding though. The contract contained everything that could go wrong after the procedure. of course I only read the document the night before my scehduled appointment so you can imagine the thought baloons in my head when I wrote down my goodbye blog. I figured that if I was going to chicken out of this opportunity, then I would never find time to do this again. For me this was something I just had to do.

Yogi Gelo 3

Full Forward Bend
(aka learning to lick yourself)

Half locust
(aka high kick)

Yogi Gelo 2

Standing Bow Pulling
(aka Michelle Kwan)

Pau couldn't remember what this pose is called
(aka imitating a piece of "No. 2")

April 10, 2008

Time to say goodbye

In less than 24 hours I will be saying goodbye to something that has been a part of me for 19 years. It has dictated my life in more ways than I am conscious of and I've been wanting to fix the problem ever since I learned a solution existed. Right now I don't know whether to be scared or be excited. On one hand this is my first time to go under the knife but on the other I've been wanting this to happen a long time. One thing's sure though, what I'm about to go through will change my life. I don't know if I'm being over dramatic or the reaction is natural. This is the result of bottling up my anxiety about the activity this whole week. I guess the best thing I can do now is tap on faith and be thankful I have someone to hold my hand through it all.

Top 9

Studio recordings from Dolly Parton week. Enjoy!

Gelo learns how to model squat like Tyra 1

Gelo loves getting lessons Ms. Tyty

Gelo's Boracay Escape

Gelo is missing Sur Beach Resort in Boracay!!! =(

April 8, 2008

April 7, 2008

Gelo wants Hard Candy

Gelo can't wait to get a copy of Her Madgesty's new Hard Candy CD!!!!

Meet Gelo Stickfas

Meet Gelo Stickas - my pet/toy/alter ego. Life shouldn't be boring even if you are a stick(fas...=p). Follow him on his adventures and see what he's up to everyday.

Top 11

Studio versions of the songs covered during the second Lennon/Mcartney night. Enjoy! =)

Brand Camp: Criticism Sandwich

Only suckers eat the bread. Real men eat the meat. Its hard to be a carnivore! Gulp!

April 4, 2008

Top 12

Studio versions of the songs covered during the first Lennon/Mcartney night. Enjoy! =)

Hooray for Playboy

So someone finally had the balls to launch a local Playboy. Good for him!

If there's anything I'm thankful for its that we live in a society that's more tolerant than others. ...well at least in our part of the world.Hmmm....maybe except for Thailand.

Anyway, so the magazine raises issues on morality and religion...I say it doesn't matter. What's the big deal about sex on display anyway? We already have it staring us in the face along EDSA and gyrating to the beat every lunchtime. It's not like Filipinos don't know about it. Heck, its the national pastime. Just look at our population figures (more business for Pampers!) But seriously, it's really cool to have the freedom to read what you want to read, watch what you want to watch and believe whatever you want to believe. We should not do something simply because we were told it is wrong but because we believe deep down that what we are doing is wrong. We might have been brought up surrounded by built-in mechanisms or guidelines in society who brainwash us about morality but it doesn't mean that we should live like robots and not learn how to think for ourselves. Bla bla bla...

Bottomline, I'm not for or against the magazine (and if you know me you know perfectly why). I'm just happy to be given a choice and its unsettling how some people don't respect choices.

April 3, 2008

Follow the truck to get to the happiest place on earth

IKEA!!! The logo alone makes my mouth water =)

A toast to breakfast

Eating breakfast in another country is not really one of my favorite activities. Unless you're staying in a really nice hotel with really nice breakfast buffet then it shouldn't be a problem. But if your hotel breakfast sucks or you're just too cheap to pay for it (like in my case it was additional SG$30....or half of my allotted per diem....NO COMMENT!!! I KNOW RIGHT?!), you have no choice but to forage the streets hoping to bump into a place offering something familiar (aside from McDonald's). I had my mind set on a dimsum breakfast that morning but my friend and I ended up in another place which seemed popular to the locals judging from the early morning queue.

Noodles! I saw from the menu. I guess I can live with that. But when it was my turn, the cashier told me the only thing they serve for breakfast was toast. Hmm alright, I'll order the thickest toast (based on the picture on the menu). "Will that be with butter or peanut butter?" I chose peanut butter. I don't what I was expecting to receive but I got what I ordered - a slice of toasted bread with peanut butter...um...ok...and this is supposed to be breakfast? So that's the secret to staying fit in this city. Oh and along with my toast were two soft-boiled eggs...slurp!

Man if I wanted peanut butter toast I could have prepared it on my own (with Gardenia and Ludy's? hehe) and not pay money for it (kacheapan! but what do you expect with a measly per diem?). I wonder if this concept will fly with Pinoys. I hear there already is a stall in Mall of Asia selling toast. Good luck to them.

Oh and just in case you were wondering, the peanut butter toast tasted like....you guessed it...peanut butter toast.

Great food. But the experience? Not worth it!

I was a fan of Amici from the moment I was introduced to the place. For me the idea of a school cafeteria run by Italian priests who cook very good pasta was very charming. Hmm, I think I had an image of a bunch of Friar Tucks (who looked like the ones in the Disney cartoon) tossing dough to make pizza or rolling fine strips to make spaghetti. So when I heard the restaurant was purchased by Red Ribbon I knew major changes were going to happen. Of course how can a big fast food chain resist not sucking out the charm and commercializing a brother? It was only a matter of time before Amici was going to be another Sbarro (ugh) or Chef D'Angelo (eww). And after eating in the Morato branch last month, I think I'm almost right.

Amici in Morato looks like a fast food restaurant and feels like one but it doesn't promise fast food service. Imagine entering into a McDonalds outlet and discovering that it has suddenly become semi self-service. I don't know what the management was thinking but the charm and experience of a school cafeteria setting certainly does not translate into bright plastic lights, supposedly nice furnishings and a service crew with uniform. I can sum up my first 20 mins there in one word: CHAOS! Disorganized tables and chairs blocking the freezer for ice and shelf for glasses, patrons fighting for utensils and plates, very unclear queuing system, out-of-stock items on the menu...it was pretty bad. Pretty awful for first time patrons too because there are no instructions on how to place orders and if you're not familiar with the set-up, you'll think you've entered a very expensive carenderia.

If its a consolation, the food still tastes great though. But the ambiance makes you forget you're supposed to be eating something tasty. Obviously this is one place I do not recommend. If you must, eat at the original Don Bosco branch. But better hurry. It won't be long before they start renovating the place.

No Regrets Ramielle

Too bad Ramielle won't be the first Asian American idol... but I'm sure she saw this elimination coming. Well not like the pessimistic and looks-like-she-doesn't-wana-be-there Kristie Lee Cook anyway (What was up with the "Kristie's Seat" sign? Can't she just voluntarily quit the show and make it easier for all of us?).

I don't really feel bad for Ramielle because 1) she was starting to get boring with her song choices; 2) she'll make it outside the show anyway...look at Bucky!....Yeah right. 3) she's still young and has a couple more years to develop her skills. So there. Cheer up Ramielle fans. It's definitely not the end of the road for her unless she decides to work as a sushi girl again.

Hey Ramielle you know what? You should
just come to the Philippines and do a project under Star Records. That's a guaranteed Gold record right there hehe. I bet some companies/ad agencies/brand managers already have you in mind for their 2009 campaign. Be a Kapamilya, endorse a local telco or a personal care brand or a fast food chain, act in a couple of soaps (You'd be perfect for the api character), and join the Champions in ASAP. You can't go wrong with that. Who needs Hollywood right now when you can earn your first million here? See ya!