March 31, 2008

TEJ music video outtake

Available only to group members

March 16, 2008


These three words in color pretty much sum up the questions my career forces me to ask everyday.

March 15, 2008

When no one else wants to listen to you...

go to the zoo!

Oh and I think the zoo staff would appreciate it if you could feed the animails while you're at it =p

Blake Lewis on the piano

Check out Blake Lewis on the piano. I bet if the producers allowed instruments last season Blake would have won. I still think he's a much better artist than Jordin.

Shadow inspiration

Witnessing this "shadow scene" earlier tonight reminded me of why I devote so much time to Hangad and its music. You never really know when inspiration hits you.

I think I'll add this image to my
Angels and Icons photo collection =)

Bare(foot) it all

When performing with 100 other choirs start to get uncomfortable, all you gotta do is take off your shoes. Ahhh.....

March 12, 2008

Why Ramiele? Why?!

Why oh why did you have to pick ANOTHER slow and boring song? It wouldn't be surprised if this week was your last. Cmon girl! Step it up!

On another note, Chikezie blew me away tonight. But no...I'm still not a fan.

My favorite of the night. Moving, soulful and inspirational =)

Don't blame your parents if you're a screwup

from the Safe Baby Handling Tips book

Ruffa on Janina remixed!

Way to go DJ Dense Modesto! Pwede ba gawan din yung high society scandal? You know the other "DJ"? haha

March 10, 2008

Hinde ako ashtray

sign outside a Salcedo Village restaurant

Lost Angel Pugsley Addams

Was looking for something to do along the Pampanga highway yesterday while the rest of Hangad filmed their scenes for a music video. Don't mind the vanity shot. I just wanted a nice pic of me in my Pugsley Addams shirt (pwede ring Mr. Smee as in Captain Hook and Peter Pan =))

Melanie Marquez would be proud

This is one for the history books. Move over Melanie Marquez.

Oh, and after this interview she moves on to win as runner-up and represent the country in Miss World. That should be interesting.

Brand Camp:How to Come up with a Product Name

You know the easier way would be to have the agency creatives brainstorm about it and gun down all the name studies hahaha classic!

March 7, 2008

Get ready for ANTT

Are you ready for America's Next Top Tranny? Eat your heart out Tyra Banks

Getting high while crossing the universe

No one told me I should have taken a hit before I walked into the theater. But anyway, with or without illegal substances involved, you'll feel like you've been trippin on something after watching Across the Universe. Love the fresh song arrangements and the singing. Seemed like the producer wanted singers who could act and not the other way around.

Catch it while you still can. Definitely worth watching on the big screen. Just be ready to part with P170 bucks(Greenbelt ticket price) to watch a long playing Beatles music video compilation.

They live among us

Driving down paseo yesterday I realized that we are no longer alone in this world.

They have come down from the heavens and live among us.

Three phases

the engaged, the expectant mom, the new wife