February 1, 2008

Tupperware Central

For the past couple of weeks I've been struggling to respect people who I sincerely feel don't deserve to be respected. And I don't say this just to be nasty. Nasty really isn't my default (well, not most of the time anyway =p). It's just hard when self-important people impose themselves on you and try to push you around...or push you around behind your back (if there is such a thing). When it gets to their head just how "good" they supposedly are but you don't see it. When they insist or being treated in a special way when they haven't earned the right to be such. I really believe more in doers than in talkers. In results more than process. In inspired insights more than unsolicited answers. It sucks to act civil and nicey-nicey just to get things done but sometimes thats how life really is. Hmm...and because of that last line I realized that I'll never be a politician =p

Thank God for real people, real friends and Hangad!

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