February 25, 2008


One thing I've always loved doing is to people watch. Nothing beats being happily settled in a cozy nook, armed with your Im-doing-something-meaningful-equipment and getting lost in it all for at least an hour. By "equipment" I'm referring to whatever item you can hide from in public to not look like you've been stood up or waiting for an EB(eyeball...eww.EB is so IRC days. Is the word still even in use?). The default equipment I have is my laptop. Perfect excuse to look busy even when I'm just playing Garden Defense(Oh and its useful for business too!) It can also be an interesting book or a handheld device like iPod or PDA...Speaking of getting busy with a PDA, I once had a boss who did nothing but tinker with her Blackberry during meetings. I almost thought she was the busiest boss in the world until I caught her just playing Solitaire with it =p. So much for her "I'm so busy" crap.

Anyway, Starbucks 6750 is my favorite place in to world to look hang out and people watch (Well to be honest its actually Boracay, but its not a place I get to go everyday). If you're familiar with this Starbucks branch, there a table on the second floor facing entrance. Not only is this table perfect because it has an power outlet(my laptop battery power sucks) but you get to see who comes in and who goes out. Much like in a club when you don't find anyone inside interesting so you hang out facing the door too see if anyone worth hitting on comes in. Umm, I just heard that's how it goes in those kind of places =p. Oh, and did I mention that Starbucks branch is full of eye candy? That says it all. End of story haha

One of the joys of people watching for me, is that, strangely, I find it an intellectually stimulating activity. Sometimes, I find myself more productive in a dynamic environment rather than looking up from my computer and seeing the same office walls. I think I can remember a couple of great presentations I finished outside the office.

The activity is also an exercise in stepping back and appreciating the world outside you. For writers, actors and artists its a basis for artistic output. For psychologists, its an exercise in science. For strategists(ehem!), its a required skill. So you see, its not just for fun, it pays the bills too.

Am I the only one guilty of this activity? Hope not because it were just me then it means I'm the only voyeur in the world =p

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