February 13, 2008

Lovin Plain Ol Butter Pecan Me

Caution. Certain cheeziness ahead. Who would have know that a graphic novel would inspire me to write about love?

"But that's why ice cream stores don't just sell chocolate and vanilla. Every once in awhile, someone walks in and orders butter pecan." - Elongated Man, Identity Crisis, DC Comics

Isn't it amazing that even if society pushes for its concept of the ideal partner, you still end up with someone who loves you "just the way you are?" [cue music. Billy Joel...Dont go changing to try and please me =p). We've been programmed to be the "perfect catch", the "soul mate", the "missing piece of the puzzle" that sometimes we actually believe we are not deserving if we are any less. Like how the quote put it, we think we its only about chocolate or vanilla when in reality someone is bound to want something else. How boring life would have been if we acted like we were all cut from the same cookie dough.

This Valentine's Day, lets take time to appreciate those who love us - not because of what we are, but because of what we are not.

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