February 29, 2008

Idol Showdown: Jennifer vs David

The song that got Jennifer Hudson eliminated from American Idol the first time in Season 3. If you're a new fan of the show, this was a time when the rules were different and idol "wildcards" were selected by the judges for another shot at the final 12 (of course we all know she made it the 2nd time and then got booted out again for singing Circle of Life...Now she has an Oscar and stars opposite Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City...)

On the other hand here's David (insert screaming fans here), this season's teeny bopper heartthrob. Certainly an upgrade from Kevin Covais (Chicken Little/Season 5) and John Stevens(Archie Andrews/Season 3). He sang Dreamgirls when he was 11. What does that tell you? Hmmm.... Like his version of "Imagine" though. Makes me wish I had a higher singing range =(

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