February 4, 2008

Find Peace in The Cenacle

Sharing the program schedule of the Cenacle Retreat House(59 Nicanor Reyes St. Loyola Heights Quezon City) for the rest of the quarter.

I love this place! It has always offered me (and Hangad) quiet personal time and refuge when sometimes life is just too busy. Sr. Susay Valdes, r.c. Hangad's spiritual director, is part of this congregation (oh and she's a fierce alto too. Check out this video of her singing Power of Your Love with us last Easter). My favorite retreat there ever was the Praying through Music program =) I think a group can get this by request.

To join the programs, call
434-2054 or 434-3064 or email cenacle@zpdee.net

Feb 9-10 COVENANTAL LOVE (Sr. Lily Quintos, r.c.)
The retreat will focus on the “affairs of the heart”- the value of falling in love, relationships and intimacy, how love transforms and affirms from the perspective of covenant.

Feb 16-17 LENTEN RETREAT: Learning, Praying, Loving and Living the “Art of Passing – Over (Sr. Angie Villanueva, r.c.)
Letting go, letting be, letting grow- in the footsteps of Jesus with the Messianic Community.

Feb 23-24 HEALING IN THE HEART OF JESUS (Sr. Malen Java, r.c.)

March 1-2 LENTEN RETREAT : Finding God in the Dark (Sr. Meny Vera Cruz, r.c.)
This weekend retreat invites us to enter the mystery of Lent, that special time when Jesus journeys toward His Passion, Death and Resurrection. With Him, we will look at our own journey, the movement of our own risings and dying and discover, as Jesus did, God’s presence there. There will be a brief inputs and time for prayer, reflection and sharing. We will try to make the Sacrament of Reconciliation available.



Thematic Retreat
This is where a Cenacle Sister or a team gives a presentation on a particular them or topic to a group. Periods of reflection and prayer follow the presentations.

Directed Retreat
This is the complete Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius for 30 days or an adaptation for a shorter period. It is given on a one –on –one basis. A Cenacle Sister plans the retreat with the individual according to personal desires, capacities and needs. The central element of this retreat is the person’s unique experience of God in the framework of prayer.

Guided Retreat
Another adaptation of the Spiritual Exercises. Guidelines and suggestions for prayer are given to the group. The retreatants are individually directed for review and guidance in prayer and discernment.

19th Annotation Retreat
Also known as “the retreat in everyday life” , its name comes from the No. 19 of the Introductory Notes of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. It speaks of how a person wishing to grow in faith can make the Spiritual Exercises outside of the 30-day live-in retreat in the context of one’s daily life. A director accompanies the retreatant by guiding his/her prayer.

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