February 25, 2008

Anybody know a good electric pre-shave solution?

Help! Does anyone know of an electric pre-shave solution aside from Anthony Logistics For Men? I just finished my bottle of solution (after a year of use! In fairness to the 4oz bottle) and I can't find the brand in Beauty bar anymore...No I don't regularly shop in Beautybar. I was looking for Kris Kringle gifts and stumbled upon the product by accident. Being the sucker that I am for Male-oriented facial care products, the "Logistics for Men" branding very easily spoke to my wallet (as Pau would put it "na-marketing ako"). Anyway, I can't seem to find any other brand that carries a similar product. They all have pre-shaving creams, gels or emulsions but not for electric shaver users. I need something which "creates slip so that razor glides over skin and doesn't tug." Seriously, if you know of any brand that delivers this benefit (thats not alcohol, lotion or lubricant!), let me know.

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