January 11, 2008

Remembering Brutus the Orange

Because I grew up in a time when Jollibee and McDonalds were nonexistent in Cebu (Yes, some people had a Jollibbee-less childhood!), the fastfood memories of my formative years were dominated by Ding How(Yum! Although i don't know if dimsum is technically fast food) and Orange Brutus. On most weekends, after swimming classes in Montebello, my brother and I would pass by the Orange Brutus branch in Foodland(RETRO!) for a snack. My all-time favorite was the Brutus hotdog and mango shake. I remeber the challenge was always how to bite into the hot dog without finishing it first before the bread. You know how we take unproportional bites and finish the laman first before the bun? That irritated me a lot (Ahhh! I've uncovered a childhood issue =p).

Of course when the bigger fastfood chains invaded Cebu, Brutus became passe but it stayed on and some branches are still open today. I woudln't really recommend it if you're visiting Cebu because it doesn't taste any different (or maybe on a different level...lower level maybe? hehe) than Jollibee. But maybe try the Hamburger Steak (for P40!) and Mango Shake (P30+ i think). If anything, for lack of a better reason to eat there, the place is more of a nostalgic icon for me. Kinda like the now abandoned SHS-B buildings, Cebu Cathedral and Mango Ave.

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