January 18, 2008

Now Juan can fly to Vietnam

Cebu Pacific now has a Vietnam flight!!!

Well, not that I plan to travel there again soon but this is definitely good news. You have to hand it to the airline for branching out regional operations in destinations not covered by PAL (like Hanoi for example. PAL only flies to HCM). What's also great about their expansion is that they're opening up other domestic points of origin for international flights like the Cebu-Bangkok route.

Its a small comfort to know that seeing the world now is much easier than it was before. I laugh everytime I think about how going to Singapore via Cebu Pacific is cheaper than going to Cebu via PAL or going to Boracay via Seair. Thank you to budget airlines! Looking forward to the day budget airlines will bring me to South America(my dream destination =) ).

So whats next for Juan? India? Australia? Japan?

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