January 8, 2008

Nikolai Lomo and Kroka Sammie

You know how pet owners christen their pets with silly names? - Blacky. Whitey. Spotty. Pussy...Since I don't have pets(and don't care for one) I have fallen into the habit of naming inanimate objects which qualify as my pets (haha what a loser! =p). My second car was named Ryan, then Lewis came along and then the one now is Lewis II I think. Then some of the bears at home have names too like Bubba, Sapa, Tazo and La...ok this is getting corny.

So I got myself a Lomo Holga for Christmas and since it does not come with a carrying case, I got a bag for it as well. Not the usual camera bag but a pacutesy sammie I happened to stumble upon while checking out the SM Iloilo sale(of all places!). Meet Nikolai Holga and Kroka Sammie.


They say the only way to get a hang of taking Lomo pics is through practice. Here are the only pictures I can say I like from the 6 rolls I've practiced on. Gotta work on my grip and framing. One million more rolls and I'll be a Lomo expert =p

Not really my favorite pic but this is the only one I've got of me and Nilokai. I don't even know if I'm holding it right.

Me and Kroka!

Kroka enjoying the Boracay Happy Hour =)

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