January 31, 2008

Shamfong breakfast

Who needs all these expensive breakfasts in Salcedo Village when you've got...JJAMPPONG! Its cheap, filling and unhealthy. Need I say more? I've had it twice this week already (so reminiscent of my college dorm days when instant noodles was the staple midenight snack). If the hot soup won't wake you up then the extra-spicy flavor will...You wana sweat in the morning? Don't exercise...eat JJAMPPONG!!!

Oh God! I hope this won't turn out to be another unhealthy food addiction. Being a dessert junkie is enough.

January 26, 2008

Clash of the Choirs

I just discovered there's a new talent competition in the States called "Clash of the Choirs". Its a bunch of choirs (what else duh?) under the mentorship of a celebrity Choir Director. The first four episodes of season are now downloadable through torrentz. Can't wait to watch em! This should be more interesting than American Idol =) Here's a preview with Nick Lachey.

January 25, 2008

Downloadable Hangad Minus1: Send Your Spirit

Send Your Spirit
(download by clicking here)

Father, we gather in joy today,
Praising the victory Christ has made
And awaiting the One which You said You’d send:
A Spirit to dwell among men.

We anticipate gladly Your promised One
To continue the work started by Your Son.
Spirit to guide how we live each day,
And a Spirit to teach us to pray.

Send Your Spirit, Lord, as we sing Your praises joyfully.
Sweep across the earth, make known to every land Your majesty.
Come fill our minds, unbind our hearts, ignite a fire that burns eternally.
Send Your Spirit, Lord, dwell among us, and set us free.

Change us and mold us to do Your will.
Live in us, breathe in us, speak through us,
Fill us with courage to tell of Your joyful news,
Make us instruments of Your truth. (Refrain)

Love without measure, hope that conquers fear,
Where there’s compassion, You are near.
Where there is darkness, You are our light.
Within us a fire that burns as we conquer the night.
End our night.

Send Your Spirit, Lord, as we sing Your praises joyfully.
Sweep across the earth, make known to every land Your majesty.
Come fill our minds, unbind our hearts, ignite a fire that burns eternally.
Send Your Spirit, Lord, dwell among us!
Send Your Spirit, Lord, dwell among us!
Send Your Spirit, Lord, dwell within us, and set us free!

Downloadable Hangad Minus1:Here In This Place

Here In This Place
(download by clicking here)

Are not our hearts burning within us?
Are not our lives shared as one bread?
Here in our hands, here in this place,
Jesus our hope, life from the dead.

In the breaking of the bread,
May we know the Lord.
We were lost and now are found.
Home again with God. (Refrain)

You are food for all our hunger,
You are all we need.
You are our promise and our hope,
Life for the world. (Refrain)

As this bread is broken,
As this cup is shared,
We give our lives, broken and outpoured,
We will serve the Lord. (Refrain)

Jesus our hope, life from the dead.

Downloadable Hangad Minus1: Love Untold

Love Untold
(download by clicking here)

“Long before the light was called forth from the darkness,

Long before the sky was carved out from the sea,
Long before a day turned into nighttime,
Long before creation came to be,

“Long after the mountains have fallen,
And rivers cease running to the sea,
Long after the hillsides have crumbled away,
There still my love will be,”

Says the Lord, whose love is like the thunder,
Stirs the sky, resounds with majesty.
It fills my lowly heart with wonder, the Lord’s love for me.

Love, love untold.
Love, love untold.

“Like a shepherd I will leave My flock to find you,
When your fear and shame lead you away.
Like a father, hold My arms outstretched in welcome,
Great My joy when you are found one day!

“Come to Me when you are weary.
Lay down your burdens and your loads.
Your name is etched into the palm of My hand:
Yours is My love untold,”

Says the Lord, whose love is like the ocean,
Deep and vast, boundless mystery.
Yet constant as the tides are steady, the Lord’s love for me.

By this love He came to dwell among us men,
Gave His life as ransom for our sin.
Now risen, Christ is with us ‘til the end of time.
“My love will be with you,” says the Lord.

“Have you seen Me in the sun that shines each morning?
Have you heard the ramblings of a child?
Have you felt Me in the gentle touch of rainfall?
And known the kindness in a stranger’s eyes?

“I am the joy that rings in your laughter.
Mine is the hand that soothes your pain.
I am your strength when dreams are broken and done.
I am the hope that will not fade!”

Says the Lord, whose love is like a whisper,
Blowing soft, at times escaping me.
Yet certain if I only listen, the Lord’s love for me.

Love, love untold.
Love, love untold.
Long after the mountains have fallen. Ooh.

Downloadable Hangad Minus1: Gospel Acclamation & Alleluia

Gospel Acclamation & Alleluia
(download by clicking here)

My hope is in You, Lord; for Your message I thirst.
Fill me, Lord, with life and spirit; let me hear Your word.

Alleluia, alleluia, allelu, alleluia.
Alleluia, alleluia, allelu, alleluia.
Allelu, alleluia.

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad.
Jesus has risen and shines on us, He has redeemed us by His blood;
He has redeemed us by His blood.

Alleluia, Alleluia, let us rejoice and be glad.
Alleluia, Alleluia, He has redeemed us by His blood,
Allelu, alleluia; allelu, alleluia.

Downloadable Hangad Minus1:Without Seeing You

Without Seeing You
(download by clicking here)

Without seeing You we love You.
Without touching You we embrace.
Without knowing You we follow.
Without seeing You we believe.

We return to You deep within, leave the past to the dust.
Turn to you with tears and fasting, You are ready to forgive.

The sparrow will find a home near to You oh God.
How happy we who dwell with You, forever in Your house.

For You are our shepherd there is nothing that we need.
In green pastures we will find our way, in waters of peace.

Downloadable Hangad Minus1:Psalm 33

Psalm 33
(download by clicking here)

The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord!

Happy the nation whose God is the Lord; the people He has chosen as His own.
But see the eyes of the Lord are upon those who fear Him. (Refrain)

Our souls wait for the Lord, our Lord who is our help and our shield.
For in Him our hearts rejoice, in His Holy Name we trust. (Refrain)

May your kindness, O Lord, be upon us who have put our faith in You. (Refrain)

The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord!

Downloadable Hangad Minus1:The Easter Journey

The Easter Journey

(download by clicking here)

Ooh, journey…

There’s a road unlike any other, one that Jesus walked in His time.
The “Easter Road” on which He calls us: “Take my hand and walk with Me
On a journey that will lead you to who you are meant to be.”

He brings us to a Father whose loving stirs our hearts and moves our souls;
Who came to know our pain and our sorrow, and then wiped our tears away;
Who by the hope He shone on people, turned the darkness into day.

Take our hands, lead us Lord, let us walk with You down the Easter Road.
Change our hearts, move our souls with the love we find on the Easter Road.

So that our eyes may see You in all things; that our hands reach out to give;
So that our hearts may open to embrace this world!
Lord, let each moment be a step along Your road!
Let our lives be a journey down the Easter Road.

Lead us to a Father of loving. Stir our hearts and shape our ways.
Bring us to those in pain and in sorrow, that we may wipe their tears away.
To bring Your light unto Your people, to turn their darkness into day.

Take our hands, lead us, Lord,
Let me walk with You down the Easter Road!

Give us new eyes that see You in all things; take our hands and teach us to give;
Open our hearts and make us embrace this world!
Let each moment be a step along Your road!
Let our lives be a journey down the Easter Road.

Let our lives be a journey down the Easter Road.
Ooh, journey…

January 22, 2008

More powerful than Viagra?

So what do you mix this with? Milk? Tea? Coffee?

Whose is it?

Oh and check out the offer under "Specials". Someone needs to get rid of inventory hehe

I need you Mr. Tubero

For the first time since living independently, I encountered last weekend an irritating plumbing situation. No it's not the usual clogged drain pipe or misaligned ballcock(OK, if you don't know what ballcock is aside from the obvious, read Wikipedia here NOW!)...kaya ko yun (Naks!) The pipes connecting my handheld bidet to the water closet was LEAKING! ...still is actually. Last night I thought coating the problem areas with silicone sealant would solve it (I got Pioneer Sealant because I couldn't find Elastoseal "Ipisil Elastoseal!") but NO! The water found some other place to leak out. Believe me, lying down on the cold shower floor with your hands sticky from sealant is no pleasant activity. I NEED YOU MR. TUBERO!!! Oh well, I'll try using plastic tape tonight (I dunno what its really called. You know the while elastic tape you use to seal pipes? Yeah whatever) and hope for the best. Wish me luck!

January 18, 2008

Now Juan can fly to Vietnam

Cebu Pacific now has a Vietnam flight!!!

Well, not that I plan to travel there again soon but this is definitely good news. You have to hand it to the airline for branching out regional operations in destinations not covered by PAL (like Hanoi for example. PAL only flies to HCM). What's also great about their expansion is that they're opening up other domestic points of origin for international flights like the Cebu-Bangkok route.

Its a small comfort to know that seeing the world now is much easier than it was before. I laugh everytime I think about how going to Singapore via Cebu Pacific is cheaper than going to Cebu via PAL or going to Boracay via Seair. Thank you to budget airlines! Looking forward to the day budget airlines will bring me to South America(my dream destination =) ).

So whats next for Juan? India? Australia? Japan?

Hontiveros Francisco Tirol

Fr. Mano and Paulo taking turns playing for Fr. Honti's wake mass

I couldn't help but smile when this scene was in front me earlier this evening. It was simply priceless.

January 15, 2008

RIP: Fr. EDUARDO P. HONTIVEROS, S.J. (20 Dece 1923 - 15 Jan 2008)

(20 Dec 1923 – 15 Jan 2008)

Fr. Eduardo P. Hontiveros, SJ, was born on 20 December 1923 in Molo, Iloilo City. He was one of eight children born to Jose Hontiveros and Vicenta Pardo.

Fr. Honti, as he is fondly known, was educated at the Capiz Elementary School and the pre-war Ateneo de Manila in Padre Faura, graduating from high school in 1939. From 1939 to 1945 he was at San Jose Seminary. He entered the Society of Jesus after the war in 1945, pronouncing first vows at Sacred Heart Novitiate in Novaliches in June 1947. There he finished his studies in philosophy and then proceeded to Ateneo de Zamboanga for his three-year regency, teaching religion, Latin, and English, and moderating the Choir String Band. In 1951, he traveled to the United States to study theology, and was ordained in 1954 by Francis Cardinal Spellman. After earning a doctorate in theology from the Gregorian University in Rome, he returned to teach in the Philippines in 1958. He pronounced final vows in the Society of Jesus in 1960.

Fr. Honti had a long career as a theology professor and seminary formator for Jesuits and San Jose seminarians. He served in various capacities, including as Rector of San Jose Seminary and Dean of Loyola School of Theology. For more than thirty years until 1991 when a stroke seriously hampered his mobility and capacity to communicate, he was a fatherly figure to generations of Jesuit and Josefino seminarians.

But Fr. Honti is best known for his music. In 1965, as the Second Vatican Council ended and called for inculturation of the liturgy, Fr. Honti, whose family is musically inclined, was already composing Mass hymns in Tagalog. He asked the church choirs in Barangka, Marikina, and Pansol, both communities near the new Ateneo campus in Loyola Heights, to sing his songs, and he readily adjusted the notes if the choir found his compositions too difficult. Before long, he had composed a complete set of hymns for the Mass. Thus began Fr. Honti’s love affair with heartfelt liturgical music. His songs spread to other parishes and by the 1970s, aided by a fresh wave of nationalism, his songs had become staple fare at Masses.

His name may not be familiar to all, but his music certainly is. He was not the only Filipino who experimented with sacred music in the vernacular starting in the 1960s, but he was certainly the most prolific, and most successful, if success is measured by the popularity of one’s work. Over a period of twenty-five years, Fr. Honti composed hundreds of hymns, many of which with moving stories of ordinary people behind them. He has inspired younger generations of composers like Fr. Nemesio Que, Fr. Fruto Ramirez, Fr. Manoling Francisco, Fr. Arnel Aquino, and Fr. Jboy Gonzales. It is no exaggeration that Fr. Honti has been called the Father of Filipino Liturgical Music.

Today it is a testament to Fr. Honti’s pioneering spirit that so many styles of church music are sung in our Masses and other gatherings. The choices can seem quite daunting, and it is never easy to select songs that various generations of churchgoers can follow, but play the opening notes of Fr. Honti’s Pananagutan, or intone his Luwalhati, Santo, Kordero ng Diyos, or his Magnificat, and everyone can join in. That is the surest way to show that while his name may not ring a bell, his music does.

Fr. Honti’s initiatives have been recognized with the Ateneo de Manila University’s Tanglaw ng Lahi Award (1976), the Asian Catholic Publishers’ “Outstanding Catholic Author” (1992), and the Papal award Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice (2000), among many other awards and citations. He suffered another major stroke in early January, and went home to the Lord on 15 January.

His wake is being held at the Oratory of St. Ignatius, Loyola House of Studies, Ateneo de Manila University. Daily Mass starts on 15 January at 8:00 p.m. The funeral Mass is scheduled for Saturday, 19 January, 8:00 a.m. at the Church of the Gesu in Ateneo Loyola Heights campus. Interment will follow at the Sacred Heart Novitiate in Novaliches.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Loyola School of Theology, for the Eduardo P. Hontiveros, SJ, Professorial Chair.

15 January 2008

Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus

January 14, 2008


  • Please DO say "PLEASE HOLD!" and NOT shout "AP! (UP!)" or "DOWN" when running after the elevator.
  • Please DO give way to people exiting the elevator first. DON'T rush in as if this was the last(or your first) elevator ride of your life.

Let's all make our offices and condos a better place...one elevator ride at a time. For more elevator rules, click here.

January 11, 2008

Remembering Brutus the Orange

Because I grew up in a time when Jollibee and McDonalds were nonexistent in Cebu (Yes, some people had a Jollibbee-less childhood!), the fastfood memories of my formative years were dominated by Ding How(Yum! Although i don't know if dimsum is technically fast food) and Orange Brutus. On most weekends, after swimming classes in Montebello, my brother and I would pass by the Orange Brutus branch in Foodland(RETRO!) for a snack. My all-time favorite was the Brutus hotdog and mango shake. I remeber the challenge was always how to bite into the hot dog without finishing it first before the bread. You know how we take unproportional bites and finish the laman first before the bun? That irritated me a lot (Ahhh! I've uncovered a childhood issue =p).

Of course when the bigger fastfood chains invaded Cebu, Brutus became passe but it stayed on and some branches are still open today. I woudln't really recommend it if you're visiting Cebu because it doesn't taste any different (or maybe on a different level...lower level maybe? hehe) than Jollibee. But maybe try the Hamburger Steak (for P40!) and Mango Shake (P30+ i think). If anything, for lack of a better reason to eat there, the place is more of a nostalgic icon for me. Kinda like the now abandoned SHS-B buildings, Cebu Cathedral and Mango Ave.

More people in Cebu?

"He(Mayor Osmena) lamented that if other areas in the country are left out in terms of development, the influx of people to Cebu will continue."

According to today's online edition of Sunstar, Cebu City was ranked 8th in a list of Top 10 Asian Cities of the Future. While this is great to hear, I can't help but agree with Mayor Osmena's reaction to the list. Personally, I think the charm of Cebu is its character of being an uncongested yet modern urban center. While its good that commerce, specifically BPO companies, have been setting up shop here and there, I don't think the city has ambitions of becoming the next Metro Manila. Definitely not with the capital's congestion, traffic, pollution and crime rate. I hope the government will continue to control growth in the city(like how it ruled against high-rises in the Banilad area). Malls/commercial areas are already mushrooming very fast. Like there's supposedly an Ayala Superblock Mall to be constructed and even towns like Consolacion now have malls.

On the side I was just remembering how easy it was in the early 2000's to control traffic in Cebu (hopefully that still is the case now). When the second Mactan-Mandaue brigde was opened, traffic in the area dissappeared totally. Its a place where flyovers still work(except maybe in Banilad). Not like most parts of GMA where flyovers are an understatement.

January 8, 2008

Brand Camp:Brand Resolutions

Nikolai Lomo and Kroka Sammie

You know how pet owners christen their pets with silly names? - Blacky. Whitey. Spotty. Pussy...Since I don't have pets(and don't care for one) I have fallen into the habit of naming inanimate objects which qualify as my pets (haha what a loser! =p). My second car was named Ryan, then Lewis came along and then the one now is Lewis II I think. Then some of the bears at home have names too like Bubba, Sapa, Tazo and La...ok this is getting corny.

So I got myself a Lomo Holga for Christmas and since it does not come with a carrying case, I got a bag for it as well. Not the usual camera bag but a pacutesy sammie I happened to stumble upon while checking out the SM Iloilo sale(of all places!). Meet Nikolai Holga and Kroka Sammie.


They say the only way to get a hang of taking Lomo pics is through practice. Here are the only pictures I can say I like from the 6 rolls I've practiced on. Gotta work on my grip and framing. One million more rolls and I'll be a Lomo expert =p

Not really my favorite pic but this is the only one I've got of me and Nilokai. I don't even know if I'm holding it right.

Me and Kroka!

Kroka enjoying the Boracay Happy Hour =)

January 7, 2008

Viva Senor kang BBRC kini!

After the success of their "Thriller" performance, the BBRC(Bagong Bayan Rehabilitation Center) inmates in Cebu now want to perform in next sunday's Sinulog. That should be interesting. Wish I were in Cebu to watch.

Here's a preview of their Sinulog routine uploaded in Youtube.

January 6, 2008

Secret Pili Recipe

- It is a recipe invented by the Lacson family in the 1920's.

- It is not well known in Bacolod (because in all my travels there in the past, no one has ever mentioned this pasalubong to me).

- You wouldn't know where to get it unless you ask a local.

- And a
pparently some rich family from Manila tried to buy the recipe for cold millions but in vain (isn't this kinda like the plot line of Ysabella or something? haha)

Its just on the corner of ____ and ______.

I'm taking about Silay Pili Squares. Homebaked in the Lacson family kitchen for generations and sold only to those who know where to find them. This pastry is mixed without flour, baked in lumpia wrapper and is packed with pure nutty delight. An 8"x8" Pili Square sells for P380/box while a 4"x8" version is P200/box. Definitely something uniqe to bring home apart from the usual piyayas, biscochos and napoleones (Speaking of napoleones, don't go to the new SM Bacolod to buy them because its not there. Rolli's stall in the Robinson's foodcourt is much more reliable =) )

Must be physically tough to mix lots of these pastries everyday

Does Negros even grow Pili nuts? Isn't that a Bicol plant? I guess that's part of the secret.


History alive in the Hofilena House

Our original plan was really just to admire the ancestral Silay houses from afar. Pau had read in Smile Magazine about the Hofilena Ancestral House but we weren't sure if it'd be open to the public. Imagine our surprise when passing by it, a figure from inside asked us "Do you wana come in?" He must have noticed how curious we were the first time we passed. Either that or we really must have looked liked wandering tourists with our get-up and cameras (I've already been mistaken as a Korean tourist the day before. It has its advantages believe me =p).

It turned out the house was indeed open to the public but private tours were only by appointment. Mr. Hofilena, the figure who called us in, was just about to start a tour when he saw us passing and decided that a bigger group would be more efficient. I don't know how often he gets visitors but the warm hospitality we received showed that there is much heritage to be shared to whoever wishes to open his mind.

Unlike the other museum houses I've been to (like Casa Manila in Intramuros and Casa Gorordo in Cebu), the Hofilena Ancestral House was still functional and fully inhabited. Everything about the house had a story - the walls, the staircase, the chairs, the piano, the toys and even the china.

The amazingly well preserved wooden furniture still boasts of the strength of the raw materials and the fine craftsmanship of its carvings. You just don't see everyday stuff as sturdy as this anymore. Nowadays its all about being modular and lightweight (No offense Ikea. I love you! but I can't say the same to you monoblock =p). You also get to see, feel and use them in their "natural habitat". Consume them for the function they was built for and not just something to be observed from afar like in a museum.

carving detail of the old staircase (which is supposedly older than the house)

Lounge chair by the veranda for lazy afternoons

Mr. Ramon Hofilena, our host and tour guide was full of tales about Silay, the Hofilena lineage and Philippine history in general. Duplicating his stories in this entry won't do them justice. I believe history is always more fascinating if told from someone who was a part of it. Besides, according to him what he told us were all abridged versions. Only by joining the ACTNO do we get the full unabridged version (ACTNO or Annual Cultural Tour of Negros Occidental is an annual event held in all Satudays of December. P550/pax inclusive of food and museum fees. Tel# 034 4954561).

Mr. Hofilena telling us more about his art collection from the veranda.

Some of Mr. Hofilena's huge art collection.

Aside from a living museum of history, the house is also full of Mr. Hofilena's huge art collection which includes a number of Filipino masters. Ask his opinion about why one should or should not become a national artist and you're sure to get a mouthful =p Also ask him about the unknown Silay master he discovered and his pop art portraits. If the tour group does not have kids, he will show you his private bedroom (or vanity room as he'd like to call it) with the more "provocative" artworks of himself. As a nude and swimwear model back in the day, you'll have an idea of how his youth looked like in framed sketches all around the walls.

Some of Mr. Hofilena's collection of native toys from around the world.

Collection of old santos

Looking back, the tour really didn't feel like a museum tour at all. Maybe because it was more of a home, rather, it was a real home which happened to be a museum. And that's exactly what I want to take home with me. The cold knowledge we have of our history and culture is a reflection of how narrow our environment is. Philippine culture does not revolve around Metro Manila but is alive and real outside of it. Just like the Hofilena house, it should be celebrated and lived for the present and future generations to appreciate...And on that note, I think I will sign up for the Dept of Tourism =p

Silay is located about 20 mins from Bacolod City. From the pier, ask the taxi or tricycle driver to take you to the terminal for Escalante jeeps. The route passes through the town of Silay and the commute should cost you less than P30. Ask the driver to drop you off at the Silay town plaza and start exploring from there.

Thanks to Pau for the colored pics.

January 5, 2008

Molo Minibibingka

Food trip discovery: If for some reason you find yourself in Molo, Iloilo to taste authentic Pancit Molo, visit the old church or, like in our case, to catch a ride to the UNESCO World Heritage Miagao Church, pass by the small stalls selling bibingka in front of the Molo Church bell tower. Unlike the usual-sized bibingka we enjoy, the Molo version is flatter than a pancake and is about a 2" in diameter. Sold in small brown bags for only P20, its a different type of chichiria I have not seen anywhere else. Oh and it tastes different too. A bit more tasty than the usual. According to the vendor, cheese is mixed well into the dough so the consistency is different. And I guess the bite-size of it adds to the chewing experience. I enjoyed it so much I forgot to take a picture!

Brand Camp: Misfit Launches

Oh this is too painful! haha

January 2, 2008

Short kuno imo rifle and others

Showing n a di-ay ang Enting Kabisote bai?
(gikan sa Ayala Center Cebu movie board)

Saloon? As in like with cowboys?
(usa ka SALOON sa Negros)

Kayawa! Naa pay correction!
(ihian sa Weesam Express terminal Iloilo)