November 4, 2007

To a party of 12

No matter how similar a group of friends live through life, relationships will always be something that will define each person differently. Each snapshot shows a different face of how we struggle to let someone in on an otherwise party of one. Here's to you, you and you for proving that loving the way we do does not always end in tragedy and drama.

To ___, for gathering the courage to admit to himself he likes someone.
To ___, for fearlessly gambling on fate's next step after a life decision.
To ___, for letting go of someone who is incapable of loving back.
To ___, for growing up among friends with benefits.
To ___, for believing in love after several heartbreaks.
To ___, for breaking the age gap myth.
To ___, for never being afraid to show affections in public.
To ___, for creatively scratching the itch.
To ___, for using infatuation as his gym supplement.
To ___, for sticking to someone else's plan for him.
To ___, for never ceasing to laugh at each other.
To ___, for letting each other be their own person.
To ___, for being co-dependent yet independent.
To ___, for always planning the next adventure together.
To ___, for finally coming together after 3 years apart.
To ___, for redefining commitment on their own terms.
To ___, for knowing when to give each other space.
To ___, for complementing each other's style.
To ___, for being the most loyal person I know.

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