November 18, 2007

Sake vs Soju

I had my first taste of Sake over the weekend. I was asking the server in Nanbantei (Level I Greenbet 3) to recommend a drink to a Sake-virgin like me and she suggested the warm sake or "kanzake". The drink was served in a ceramic cruet and was supposed to be taken in tiny cups (leisurely or straight up). The verdict? Give me Soju, Vodka or even Lambanog anytime. I felt like I was drinking heated alcoholic mild vinegar (or as my officemate put it - heated rubbing alcohol). And the thing is you have to consume it while its still hot. It tastes worse when the liquor cools to room temperature. I haven't lost hope in the drink though. I'll try to have it cold the next time. Cheers!

1 comment:

docchef said...

Sake is really an acquired taste. I myself dont like arm alcoholic drinks