November 7, 2007

O Tube

Girl what is Oprah doin on Youtube? (say it again like an african american sistah with the wagging finger and the neck movement).

If you don't know it yet, the queen of talk just launched her own Youtube channel. As if having a TV show, a book club, a magazine and school wasn't enough. Oh well, at least it was Oprah who did it. It could you have been worse like Jerry Springer, Maury or Tyra (How about Ricky Lake, Sally Jesse Rafael or Gabrielle Carteris? haha). If anything though, this move proves just how popular Youtube really is. I mean, yeah we know its already immensely popular but its something else when you've got Oprah Winfrey signing up for a channel. The channel's very moderated though. The embed code is not displayed and comments are moderated. I also don't know if she will tape shows specifically for Youtube. Here's what "What the Buck?!" had to say about Oprah:

Just a question, since Oprah is now on Youtube, does that mean Kris Aquino will also have one very soon? Noooooooo! Oh well, kebs Oprah. Watch my channel instead =p

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