November 20, 2007

Merry Kreezmas Nora vs Vilma

I sow mammy kissing Santa Close
Andernit demistletoe last night
She deednt se me crepe
Down the stairs to have a pep
She taught that I was stackup in my bedroom fast aslep
Then I sow mommy tickle Santa Close
Andernit his bird so smolyheh
O what a fight it could have been if daddy had only sin
Mommy kising Santa Close last night

I saw mommy kissing Santa Klaus
Underneath the miztletoe last night [vibrato]
She deednt see me creep [vibrato]
Down the stairs to have a peep [vibrato]
She thought that I was tacked up in my bedroom fast asleep [vibrato]
Then I sow mommy tickle Sanat Klaus
Underneath his beard so snowy huwhite [vibrato]
Oh what a laugh it would have been if doddy had only seen
Mommy kissing Santa Klaus last night [vibrato]

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