November 27, 2007

I've got the Bose

One thing I ABSOLUTELY LOVE to do is to loose myself to the music Im listening. No matter how many times I've heard a song, if I'm really into it, I never have the same listening experience twice. Sometimes certain tracks have a specific memory attached to it (maybe like "this was the music playing in the next bar that night we got drunk on the beach" or "we were listening to this CD while driving around aimelessly at 4 in the morning") but most of time for me it really is just about forgetting how to think and letting the lyrics be your voice, letting the melodies unearth emotions and confusing the thumping beat with your own heartbeat. I remember a line from my Philosophy days. I think it was Levinas who said that BEING never manifests itself the same way everytime. That's why every experience is always a new experience (Did I say it right? Was it really Levinas? Gosh someone please correct if I got my Great Thinkers mixed up here). Maybe that's why I never get tired of listening to the same playlist over and over again.

Anyway, what I really wanted this entry to be about was to show off my advanced Christmas gift (talk about looooong introductions). Pau got me a pair of BOSE ON-EAR HEADPHONES =)

For a music junkie like me that means a very merry christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho! The headphones "deliver clean, rich sound in a small, light, on-ear design...You'll hear deep lows. Clear mids. Sweet highs. Distinct separation of instruments...find nuances you've never heard before." YEAH BABY!!!

This is just perfect for the out of town concerts and road trips this Christmas. Can't wait to use it in Bora in three weeks!

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