November 28, 2007

Hey hoochie. Did you moma teach ya to open squint?

Tyra-isms in every panel of ANTM never fail to crack me up. It never fails. The model receives her critique from the Ms Jay, Twiggy and Nigel(the NOTED fashion photographer. What the hell is NOTED?) then Tyra puts on her MOMA HAT with tips on how the photograph could have been stronger. Isn't it too late to coach the model now that the photograph has been taken? Its something I've wondered before. How come Tyra's never there during the shoots? Is it because that is supposed to be Jay Manuel's job? And why is it when Tyra does the coaching, all the models' photos almost always turn out "strong" (like the Cycle 3 TMobile shoot, B&W polaroid shots in Cycles 6 and 7, Swimwear shoot in Cycle 8....Hindi naman halatang fan ako diba? =P)

Anyway, going back to Tyra-isms, here is a fresh batch of isms from Moma Tyra in Cycle 9:

"That's looking like a little hoochie"

"It's the model pretzel."

"You've got to show the difference. This is actress. Model. Actress. Model." (with matching demo)

"This is the hoochie heeeeeey."

"You see the power in that face? And those eyes, its like you're squinting, but its an open squint."

"It's called compartmentalization. I use it all the time."

"Inner beauty is so important in this competition."

God I love this show! Best guilty pleasure to end the week.

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