November 29, 2007

Warning to my fellow Blogspot bloggers

A warning to my fellow Blogspot bloggers. If you're both a Blogger and Picassa user, don't ever delete your Blogger album/photos from the web album. I made the mistake of doing that earlier this week and effectively deleted all the photos on my Blogspot and Multiply blogs(WAAAAH!). I had no idea the photos were just linked between sites (although I'm sure that condition was stated somewhere in fine print in the site Terms and Conditions...WHICH NO ONE EVER READS!). So there, I haven't decided yet if I should just reconstruct my entries or transfer it to another site. Anyone got suggestions? I haven't studied WordPress or Xanga yet. Should I just put all my stuff in Multiply? Hmmm

November 28, 2007

Hey hoochie. Did you moma teach ya to open squint?

Tyra-isms in every panel of ANTM never fail to crack me up. It never fails. The model receives her critique from the Ms Jay, Twiggy and Nigel(the NOTED fashion photographer. What the hell is NOTED?) then Tyra puts on her MOMA HAT with tips on how the photograph could have been stronger. Isn't it too late to coach the model now that the photograph has been taken? Its something I've wondered before. How come Tyra's never there during the shoots? Is it because that is supposed to be Jay Manuel's job? And why is it when Tyra does the coaching, all the models' photos almost always turn out "strong" (like the Cycle 3 TMobile shoot, B&W polaroid shots in Cycles 6 and 7, Swimwear shoot in Cycle 8....Hindi naman halatang fan ako diba? =P)

Anyway, going back to Tyra-isms, here is a fresh batch of isms from Moma Tyra in Cycle 9:

"That's looking like a little hoochie"

"It's the model pretzel."

"You've got to show the difference. This is actress. Model. Actress. Model." (with matching demo)

"This is the hoochie heeeeeey."

"You see the power in that face? And those eyes, its like you're squinting, but its an open squint."

"It's called compartmentalization. I use it all the time."

"Inner beauty is so important in this competition."

God I love this show! Best guilty pleasure to end the week.

November 27, 2007

I've got the Bose

One thing I ABSOLUTELY LOVE to do is to loose myself to the music Im listening. No matter how many times I've heard a song, if I'm really into it, I never have the same listening experience twice. Sometimes certain tracks have a specific memory attached to it (maybe like "this was the music playing in the next bar that night we got drunk on the beach" or "we were listening to this CD while driving around aimelessly at 4 in the morning") but most of time for me it really is just about forgetting how to think and letting the lyrics be your voice, letting the melodies unearth emotions and confusing the thumping beat with your own heartbeat. I remember a line from my Philosophy days. I think it was Levinas who said that BEING never manifests itself the same way everytime. That's why every experience is always a new experience (Did I say it right? Was it really Levinas? Gosh someone please correct if I got my Great Thinkers mixed up here). Maybe that's why I never get tired of listening to the same playlist over and over again.

Anyway, what I really wanted this entry to be about was to show off my advanced Christmas gift (talk about looooong introductions). Pau got me a pair of BOSE ON-EAR HEADPHONES =)

For a music junkie like me that means a very merry christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho! The headphones "deliver clean, rich sound in a small, light, on-ear design...You'll hear deep lows. Clear mids. Sweet highs. Distinct separation of instruments...find nuances you've never heard before." YEAH BABY!!!

This is just perfect for the out of town concerts and road trips this Christmas. Can't wait to use it in Bora in three weeks!

November 26, 2007

Brand Camp: Dance of the Silos

Fortunately this is something I cannot relate to (but I bet all my Proctoid friends can hehe). I wonder if Lever, Colgate, J&J and Nestle people feel the same.

Abdul and Uod after the fax tone

In the age of unlimited texting, unlimited calling, video calling, email and networking, sometimes its better to say sorry the good old fashioned way. My officemate faxed (faxed!) this to her boyfriend after an argument.

I wonder what happens after their next argument... Telex?

moonbathing 11.19

Its been a while since I last moon bathed but last week I woke up in the middle of night with the room filled with moonlight. It was just beautiful =)

Click here to read how I got started watching the moon.

November 23, 2007

Two Tartle Dovs

A follow up to I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Klaus (and a tribute to the one and only Superstar...disclaimer lang po:hindi ako Noranian. Mommy ko yun =p)

1st day a partrids in a per tree
2nd day
two tartle doves
3rd day three frens hens
4th day four mocking birds
day five golden rings
6th day six gisa laying
7th day seven swans a swimming
8th day eight maids a milkin
day nine ledies waiting
10th day ten lords a leaping
11th day eleven pipers piping
12th day twelve drummers drumming

November 20, 2007

Merry Kreezmas Nora vs Vilma

I sow mammy kissing Santa Close
Andernit demistletoe last night
She deednt se me crepe
Down the stairs to have a pep
She taught that I was stackup in my bedroom fast aslep
Then I sow mommy tickle Santa Close
Andernit his bird so smolyheh
O what a fight it could have been if daddy had only sin
Mommy kising Santa Close last night

I saw mommy kissing Santa Klaus
Underneath the miztletoe last night [vibrato]
She deednt see me creep [vibrato]
Down the stairs to have a peep [vibrato]
She thought that I was tacked up in my bedroom fast asleep [vibrato]
Then I sow mommy tickle Sanat Klaus
Underneath his beard so snowy huwhite [vibrato]
Oh what a laugh it would have been if doddy had only seen
Mommy kissing Santa Klaus last night [vibrato]

Sino boto nyo? Text now MERRY KREEZMAS now to...HAHAHAHA

November 18, 2007

Wisdom from Fashion

Who says fashion is only about what you wear? Paul Smith says it all in this Greenbelt 5 teaser banner.

Sake vs Soju

I had my first taste of Sake over the weekend. I was asking the server in Nanbantei (Level I Greenbet 3) to recommend a drink to a Sake-virgin like me and she suggested the warm sake or "kanzake". The drink was served in a ceramic cruet and was supposed to be taken in tiny cups (leisurely or straight up). The verdict? Give me Soju, Vodka or even Lambanog anytime. I felt like I was drinking heated alcoholic mild vinegar (or as my officemate put it - heated rubbing alcohol). And the thing is you have to consume it while its still hot. It tastes worse when the liquor cools to room temperature. I haven't lost hope in the drink though. I'll try to have it cold the next time. Cheers!

Wagyu in the morning

In my continuing quest for the best breakfast menu in Salcedo Village, I ended up in Malcolm's Place(Dela Costa cor. Tordesillas St, Salcedo Village) early morning last Tuesday. I've had dinner there a couple of months back and while I wasn't blown away by the food (a bit pricey when you consider the taste to peso ratio), I was curious about a specialty they had on their menu: Wagyu Beef. According to Wikipedia, Wagyu refers to

"several breeds of cattle
genetically predisposed to intense marbling and to producing a high percentage of oleaginous unsaturated fat. Also known as Kobe-style beef, the meat from Wagyu cattle is known worldwide for its marbling characteristics, increased eating quality through a naturally enhanced flavor, tenderness and juiciness, and thus a high market value"

(Remember the South Park episode where the boys refused to come out of Stan's room until the word "veal" was changed to "tortured baby cows"? After becoming vegetarians they developed Vaginitis - a condition which occurs when one stops eating meat, and which causes its victim to break out in vaginas all over his body HAHAHAHAHA! That's why I'll never be a vegetarian =p )

Since I was feeling adventurous that morning, I decided to try the Wagyu Beef Tapa (an interesting choice considering it's Filipinized Japanese beef). The generous serving of Wagyu came with orange juice and equally large portions of rice and spinach omelette. For P250, the meal was fair but I definitely won't be having Wagyu Beef again. Yeah the meat was tender and tapa-like but nothing spectacular. I guess for the price I was expecting fireworks. Or maybe I should have had Wagyu the way it was meant to be served and not the Filipinized version.

November 16, 2007


Share the warmth and joy of the holiday season with "A Wish for Christmas " – a Christmas card CD from Hangad.

An Awit Award nominee for Best Christmas Album of 2006 and Best Religious Album of the 2007 Catholic Mass Media Awards, this 4-track
Christmas card CD includes 2 original compositions entitled Child Emmanuel – a simple and uplifting choral Advent ballad and Raymond's Lullaby – a Christmas

prayer written by a volunteer of Ang Arko Ng Pilipinas.

Retailing for only P120.00, this CD is available for individual or bulk purchases in all Tanging Yaman outlets (Ateneo de Manila University, SM Megamall and Gateway Mall) and House of Praise stalls nationwide. Special orders can also be sent to

A portion of all the proceeds will go to Ang Arko ng Pipilinas as contribution to their continuing efforts to helping underprivileged persons with learning disabilities.

November 14, 2007

Brand Camp: Volume Fairy

Maybe the Volume Fairy does exist. Maybe her power is to possess bodies of CEOs during target setting sessions? Maybe she brainwashes the CEOs into committing impossible targets? Maybe its our constant need of her that she feeds on as lifeforce.

Oh and while were talking about the volume fairy, let's meet her other friends: Budget Mage (automatically slashes budgets in half) and Salary Guardian (protects all salary increases so that it doesn't go beyond 1%).

HANGAD: Nov to Dec performance schedule (updated)

Nov 17, 6pm
* [featured artist] Walang Ibang Hangad
for the benefit of the San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish
* Tarlac State University Gym, Tarlac City

* Tickets at P100, P300 and P500. Contact Ann Zarraga 09193182950

Nov 24, 9am-12pm
* [guest artist] The Blend (a capella show) Jam 88.3

Nov 25, 7pm

* [featured artist] JesCom christmas concert series

* Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City

* Open to the public

Dec 1, 7pm

* [featured artist] Culion Fiesta

* Culion, Palawan

* Open to the public

Dec 6, 8pm
* [carolling] Coffee Beanery
* 46 A. Banawe St., Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City

* Open to the public

Dec 7, 6pm
* [featured artist] JesCom christmas concert series

* Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City

* Open to the public

Dec 8, 6pm

* [guest artist] JesCom all artists christmas concert series

* Shangri-la Plaza, Mandaluyong City

* Open to the public

Dec 12, 8pm
* [guest artist] Jesuit Volunteers Philippines and Arko ng Pipilinas
* EPCI Bank Auditorium, Makati Ave., Makati City
* Tickets at P300 and P500 (available at the venue)

Dec 15, 6pm

* [guest artist] JesCom all artists christmas concert series

* Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City

* Open to the public

Dec 16, 9pm
* [featured artist] ABC 5 Simbang Gabi

Dec 18, 8pm
* [featured artist] Christ the King Parish simbang gabi & mini-show
* Greenmeadows Ave., Whit Plains 1110, Quezon City
* Open to the public

Dec 20, 8:30pm
* [featured artist] Our Lady of Pentecost Parish simbang gabi & mini-show
* 12 F. Dela Rosa cor. C. Salvador St., Loyola Heights, Quezon City

* Open to the public

Dec 21, 8:30pm
* [featured artist] Church of the Gesu simbang gabi & mini-show
* Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
* Open to the public

November 9, 2007

Brand Camp: Bad Creative Critics

Picking up from my Types of Telco Brand Managers entry, here's another Brand Camp comic strip that I'm sure a lot of brand managers are guilty of. Come on guys! Don't be shy! =p

And for my friends in the advertising industry, laugh your heart out!

There are a couple of creative critic types I want to add to the list.

"I don't think the execution is hard working enough. Let's do it the way we used to execute campaigns in my last company."

"I leave it up to you guys...but let's do it this way...of course I'm just playing Creative but it's really up to you"

November 7, 2007

O Tube

Girl what is Oprah doin on Youtube? (say it again like an african american sistah with the wagging finger and the neck movement).

If you don't know it yet, the queen of talk just launched her own Youtube channel. As if having a TV show, a book club, a magazine and school wasn't enough. Oh well, at least it was Oprah who did it. It could you have been worse like Jerry Springer, Maury or Tyra (How about Ricky Lake, Sally Jesse Rafael or Gabrielle Carteris? haha). If anything though, this move proves just how popular Youtube really is. I mean, yeah we know its already immensely popular but its something else when you've got Oprah Winfrey signing up for a channel. The channel's very moderated though. The embed code is not displayed and comments are moderated. I also don't know if she will tape shows specifically for Youtube. Here's what "What the Buck?!" had to say about Oprah:

Just a question, since Oprah is now on Youtube, does that mean Kris Aquino will also have one very soon? Noooooooo! Oh well, kebs Oprah. Watch my channel instead =p

November 4, 2007

To a party of 12

No matter how similar a group of friends live through life, relationships will always be something that will define each person differently. Each snapshot shows a different face of how we struggle to let someone in on an otherwise party of one. Here's to you, you and you for proving that loving the way we do does not always end in tragedy and drama.

To ___, for gathering the courage to admit to himself he likes someone.
To ___, for fearlessly gambling on fate's next step after a life decision.
To ___, for letting go of someone who is incapable of loving back.
To ___, for growing up among friends with benefits.
To ___, for believing in love after several heartbreaks.
To ___, for breaking the age gap myth.
To ___, for never being afraid to show affections in public.
To ___, for creatively scratching the itch.
To ___, for using infatuation as his gym supplement.
To ___, for sticking to someone else's plan for him.
To ___, for never ceasing to laugh at each other.
To ___, for letting each other be their own person.
To ___, for being co-dependent yet independent.
To ___, for always planning the next adventure together.
To ___, for finally coming together after 3 years apart.
To ___, for redefining commitment on their own terms.
To ___, for knowing when to give each other space.
To ___, for complementing each other's style.
To ___, for being the most loyal person I know.

November 3, 2007

My Space

In this concrete jungle called Manila, it is important to own a piece of mental and spiritual real estate. A place you can just sit for hours loosing and finding yourself. A location outside the confines of your home but makes you feel at home. A public space that inspires very private introspection.

I had the chance to rediscover my space again tonight. It may have changed drastically over the years but I still feel at home walking across its open fields and shaded paths. I'm talking about the Ateneo campus in Katipunan. Although I'm there every week for Hangad rehearsals, I don't have the chance to take my cherished long walks (Yeah I'm a long walks kinda guy. You know "one foot in front of the other...through leaves, over bridges" [Long Walk to Forever, Kurt Vonnegut]). Theres just something about the campus that feels so safe, welcoming and calming. A refreshing change of scenery after going through horrendous White Plains and Katipunan traffic.

Of all the places in the campus, my favorite nook was the base of the Sacred Heart statue. Before Church of the Gesu was constructed, there was the Sacred Heart field - a small hill beside the Cervini dormitory with a Sacred Heart of Jesus statue(which supposedly had a silhouette of Mary if you looked at the shadow of its profile). Sometimes at night during my college years, I'd sneak out of the dorm and spend a couple of hours just sitting, bathing in the moonlight and staring at the stars. Those were the question-filled days of my life when I thrived on angst. No matter how often I felt worthless and meaningless, there was a sense of silent reassurance that someday all will be well for me. And I guess that why I've claimed this as my space. In it I have asked questions which I found the answers years after. It held me in its arms at times when crying was the only way to let go of the pain. It showed me who I really was and taught me how to love myself. It has seen me loose love and find love.

Space may be defined as an empty area or as different points in time, but claiming your own space is beyond presence and physicality. Its finding your nirvana and no matter how bittersweet it may be, you'll never let it go.