October 2, 2007

That market in Leviste

After more than a month of searching for a decent place to eat near my building, I finally discovered a deli in the same block I can see myself becoming a regular in. I'm talking about a delightful and cozy nook called The Market (Tiffany Place, Leviste St. Open Mon-Sat 10am-9pm). Imagine going inside Oliver's Super Sandwiches and finding fresh produce, prime cuts, wines and pastries for sale. There is a set menu and a semi-create-your-own-sandwich option which allows you to pick your meat and bread combination (I got Farmer's Ham on ciabatta). Prices range from P130 to P295. It may be a bit pricey but once you've tasted each and every fresh ingredient making up your very filling meal, nothing else matters.

Smoked Chicken Wrap

Anchovy Pizza and Farmer's Ham on ciabatta

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docchef said...

hmm.. looks like a nice place to visit.. thanks for the info