October 23, 2007

Kris world

You either love her or hate her. No matter what you think, the truth is she sells whatever product she attaches her name to. Is there anything this celebrity will not endorse? By the rate shes going, she's going to loose all her endorsements soon because of credibility. I can think of a couple of products or categories that might be interesting endorsements:

Bambi Lard
Boy Bawang
Family Rubbin Alcohol
Hope luxury cigarette
Liquid Sosa
Negros Navigation (to counter the old Sharon superferry campaign)
Pocari Sweat
Producer Feeds
Silver Swan patis
Trust anti-STD campaign

So how many Kris Aquino endorsements can you name?

Facial Care

Gateway Mall
Goldilocks (with James Yap)
Lux (with Khu Ledesma)
Maggi Magic Sarap (with AiAi 2x)
Metro Gaisano

Pantene Glossy Shine
Pantene Age Defying shampoo
Purefood Chunky corned beef
Sansan cosmetics
San Miguel (with Derek Ramsey)
San Miguel (with Manny Pacquiao)
White Cat
Xando (with Boy Abunda and Lorna Tolentino)

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