October 12, 2007

video + score: Raymond's Lullaby

For all of you out there who share Hangad's ministry of inspiration, here is the score of RAYMOND'S LULLABY from our christmas card CD - A Wish for Christmas. Click on the score to get a copy of the pdf version. Don't have pdf? Download here.

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The story behind Raymond's Lullaby
Late in 2004, Marchan Padla emailed Hangad explaining that he was a volunteer for Ang Arko ng Pilipinas. He had written a song inspired by Raymond, an autism-stricken ward of his who had to be brought to the province every Christmas season because he couldn't stand the noise of the city. Marchan's request was for Hangad to record the song to raise funds for Arko. Marchan had never heard of Hangad, and Hangad had not heard of Arko; but the story was so moving that Hangad invited Marchan to share his song.

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