July 25, 2007

Mr. Leyson is that you?

If you're a YouTube junkie then you must have already seen those videos of Cebuano inmates dancing to "Thriller" (with Janet Jackson during her masculada days)...

and "I Will Follow Him" (I bet this number was the prison rector's suggestion =p).

As to why the hell they were having that presentation sure beats the hell out of me? For the ASEAN delegates? Korean tourists? Charter Day? Sinulog? Christmas Party?

Then there's also a video by the same "performers" marching...

This reminded me so much of my high school boy scout days (Scouting was a required subject for us then. Oh I could spend hours and hours reminiscing about it) when we spent days perfecting fancy marching drills(minus the music and Chacha), forming fancy shapes and spelling out our troop number(TROOP 302 BABY!). I wonder if that's where I got my lower body coordination? hmmm...The pressure was always on to impress Mr. Leyson, our scout master. Speaking of which, and I guess in memory of him who contributed a lot to our boyhood, I'd like to repeat Mr. Leyson's peyborit brain twister. He'd usually throw this at an unsuspecting scout during a campsite inspection:

If I lived in the Blue House
and you lived in the Red House
then who lives in the White House?

(ummm...the girl in a red bikini riding a white horse? =P)

July 23, 2007

A Night in Springfield

So how does it feel to spend a day in Springfield? Check my out Simpsons alter egos below.

Oh yeah. Nothing like a night out with the guys at Moe's.
Here's the part when the phone rings and Moe calls out for "A-MAN-DA-HUG-AN-KIS" hehe
Character generation from
The Simpsons movie website

Not a real Springfield setting(at least not a common one).
Might be one of the corridors in the nuclear plant.
Character generation from

Ateneo, La Salle, Informatics...?

"Why settle for local schools, when there's a global school:Informatics"

I'm not someone who harbors strong biases against other schools nor have I anything against Informatics but this billboard in front of Greenhills Shoppping Center is just SAD. Is competition among other computer schools (AMA, ABE, STI etc...) that cut throat already? Was Informatics looking for another handle to communicate "high quality of education" and "work abroad"? I just don't see the point of this message. Sure I'm not supposed to be the target but but but... Arrgh! Something about it just bothers me. If the point of this ad was to stir reaction and create more awareness for Informatics, then I guess it was successful in that sense.

My baby boy

See the resemblance?

Well I don't blame you if you don't. He's just my godson =p It's my third time to be someone's godparent. Man I feel old!

July 21, 2007

Naomi Campbell does Dunkin Donuts

Why can't we have these kinds of Dunkin Donuts commercials instead of Joey De Leon?

Getting starstruck may lead to bladder issues

So how do you know when you're more than just starstruck? My friend Triz(not her real name) found out the hard way.

I had dinner with a couple of good friends in Shangrila-Plaza last night. We haven't seen each other for two months so we were having a blast swapping stories when all of a sudden Triz froze and gave her signature "OMG! Artista!" look (much like those Ghostbuster toys with the character's eyes popping and the mouth dropping). We followed her gaze and saw that it was John Lloyd Cruz with a date. Me and my other friend couldn't see what the big deal was but Triz was obviously starstruck until after dinner. She didn't realize just how starstruck she was until she found herself peeing on the toilet...with the lid on!

Government warning: Celebrities may be hazardous to your toilet training.

July 20, 2007

Walang Ibang Hangad Photos

Here's a photo slideshow from my Picassa album of stuff taken during rehearsals, show and post show dinner. As usual, thanks to David Fabros for the fabulous photos. Additional photos from Neil, Chinky, Fr. Jboy and myself.

July 19, 2007

Awit Awards & Boom Tarat Tarat

After last year's Best Inspirational Song in the 19th Awit Awards, we were excited to find out that Raymond's Lullaby from our A Wish for Christmas CD was nominated for this year's Best Christmas Song along with The Company, Reuben Laurente, MYMP and, get this, Boom Tarat Tarat (Seriously! I didn't even know this had a Christmas version).

We were nominated in a minor category(or "creative category" as the organizers labeled it) so our ceremony was held earlier than the main event(think of the Oscar Science/Technical Awards). Unfortunately we didn't bag the award this time but at least we lost to The Company. It would have meant something else if we lost it to Boom Tarat Tarat =p.

Since this year, a photo op with an Awit Award trophy was not meant to be, we contented ourselves with the next best thing...

I have to say its not about winning an award (though it would have helped leverage our producers for another recording...ehem ehem hehe). To be considered for one was enough excitement for everyone. It's nice to rub elbows and be considered at par with industry heavyweights once in a while =) I guess now we know what it takes to get a nomination...

boom tarat tarat
boom tarat tarat
tararat, tararat
boom, boom


Crackdown on Chinese food

What is it these days with manufactured goods from China? During the past two weeks the news has been about Chinese manufactured items with "extra ingredients". Check out the following news articles:

Spain recalls stocks of toothpaste manufactured in China

BFAD orders a pull-out of Chinese candy and cookies due to the presence of Formalin

Chinese restaurant uses cardboard as meat substitute for steam bun filling

July 17, 2007

THE BLENDing with DJ Rick

Last June 30, we got to plug our a capella concert on THE BLEND (the a capella show every Saturday 10am-12pm on Jam 88.3). I was listening to the air check from the show uploaded by DJ Rick on his Multiply Site and we sounded pretty good. Hooray for that!=)

Its always scary performing live on radio because the mics are really sensitive so every laway sound you make can be heard (eww)
. I've heard a couple of live performances by some local artists on the radio before and not all of them were great. I guess one test of a performer's talent is how good he can deliver on a live stage.

Like I mentioned, the whole show is posted in DJ Rick's Multiply site but just in case you don't have Multiply, I've uploaded the song tracks in the links bellow (valid until July 23 only or after the first 100 downloads):

People Get Ready

You Raise Me Up


Man In The Mirror


It was so funny because before the show, we were very noisy and talkative (the usual Hangad) and then suddenly when we were being interviewed no one wanted to speak. Well, partly my fault. I was supposed to be the spokesperson but I found myself throwing some question to Pau hehe. Well in the end I did manage to speak but, listening to the recording now, I think I spoke too fast. Part stage fright I guess and part trauma -->

Pao and Pau


group shot

DJ Rick with the Hangad albums

--> part trauma because the last time I spoke live on the radio I got tongue tied. Jam 88.3 used to have a Thursday morning program in which they bought breakfast for corporate offices. About a year ago, they dropped by my old office and from the whole Marketing team, I was suddenly the one being interviewed:

DJ:So how are you today?
Me(to myself): am i feeling fine or feeling great?
Me(to the DJ):Fate!

Aaaaargh!!! Word vomit! The moment was so Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls (grool!) Who knew being interviewed was more scary than singing in front of an audience? Maybe its a sign from Mr. John Robert Powers hehehe

Man I gotta work on my public speaking skills! Hail the guardians of the SHSB Engish class! I invoke thee!

What did I just say?

July 16, 2007

They have come to get us a.k.a. abduction in Makati

A capella's done


After weeks of devoting my time online to promoting the Hangad concert in selected niches of cyberspace, I can finally think about stuff other than a capella, a capella, a capella =) Though I have to admit I still have a very strong hangover from last night's performance.

Last night was a blast and, dare I say it, was a turning point in Hangad's history. You see, this was the first Hangad-produced concert in more than 5 years which involved ticket sales. All of our concerts in the past were free of charge with the exception of those that were produced by third party benefactors for fund raising purposes. It was more than heartwarming to see everybody's support. I still feel guilty about not having enough seats for everyone and having to turn people down because of SRO (Standing Room Only) but there's talk of a repeat performance soon so there still is a chance for them to catch the show.

In terms of performance reviews, I'll let the critics do that. Maybe I can even post some of the concert review links here once I get hold of them.

I'll be uploading the official pics (courtesy of the ever generous celebrity photographer David Fabros www.davidfabros.com) videos and mp3s from the concert by the end of the week so everyone gets to share the experience.

Not counting the ticket sales and audience size, what was really important for us last night was to spread inspiration through our music. It is not very often that we are given the opportunity to stand in front of other people and sing. And not just to sing about anything, but singing, praying and proclaiming at the same time. I guess that's why you call this "business" a Ministry and us, the Ministers. I just feel so blessed I get to share this passion with a community of friends.

July 9, 2007

Heidi's Shadenfreude

Schadenfreude :a German word meaning 'pleasure taken from someone else's misfortune'.

I've been watching Germany's Next Top Model on YouTube(OK! Stop laughing! It's way better than ANTM. Believe me!) and Heidi Klum admitted something that shocked me at 6:37.

Heidi, Heidi, Heidi...What would Tyra say? tsk tsk tsk