June 27, 2007

Walang Ibang Hangad video plug 2

June 25, 2007

Classic Wabbit Twoon

The Rabbit of Seville! My brother and I used to sing along to this whole clip.

white water raft for a cause

My friend Mariel and her team is organizing a fundraising event for the education of indigenous people. Here is a copy of the email blast for the event:


Take a thrilling adventure and make it worth a lifetime for a child!

Cartwheel Foundation invites you to experience the renowned Cagayan de Oro River white water rapids and raft for indigenous peoples' education, together with The Red Rafts and Men's Health Magazine. Starting this June until October 2007, raft with The Red Rafts, Cagayan de Oro's premier outfitter, and part of the proceeds of your trip will benefit the educational programs of Cartwheel.

There are an estimated 12 million indigenous peoples (IPs) in the Philippines and they have little or no
access to quality education. Cartwheel is committed to bridging the gap and ensuring that they enjoy their right to education that is best suited to their culture and life experience. You, too, can lend your support and have a blast while you're at it-- you might just discover the ride of your life!

Go with your friends or even take the whole office for an outing (special teambuilding activities are
included). Reserve your trip now! Call/text: (0922)454-0021 or (0919)204-3534

Note: Cebu Pacific promo of P99 fare to CDO available from June 21 to 27!

Makulay ang Buhay

I can't get this jingle out of my head!!! I'm posting this so hopefully you'll get stuck with it too hehe

The material is effective in getting the message across but I'm not about to go out of my way to purchase the product. These types of mixes aren't even healthy to begin with. Then again, I'm not the target market so I'll just shut up and enjoy the commercial for entertainment purposes.

All together now...

Makulay (makulay)
ang buhay (ang buhay)
Makulay ang buhay
sa sinabawang gulay!

June 23, 2007

Ken's Kimono

(Ken at Kimono Ken)

Another new restaurant for Mr. jampacked "the well-fed" bear* and his food trip buddies - Kimono Ken in Podium. For some reason, Podium has a LOT of Japanese restaurants ranging from the expensive traditional (Akiga) to fusion (Pinoydon) to fastfood (Kitaro) and grill (Yaku). Kimono Ken is somewhere in the middle. Think on the level of Sushi-ya and Rai Rai Ken. The food is priced relatively ok (I had P110 rice topping meal) and the food pretty much tastes like the price you pay for. In terms of variety, you can find all the usual Japanese menu staples. Its a place to consider when you're stuck in Podium, craving for Japanese and have less than 200 bucks to spare for a meal. Hmmmm. In that case I'd rather cross the street to Megamall and eat at Sushi-ya. IRASHAIMASEN!

*a description Sorsi, Bea and Luanne came up with sometime ago to describe my restaurant recommendation powers and because, they say, I'm not only well-bred but also well-fed.

June 20, 2007



YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsNQcY-WGlM


walang ibang hangad
July 8 and 15 2007
6:00 pm
Francisco Santiago Hall
Equiable PCI Bank Tower 1
Makati ave. cor Dela Costa st
Makati City
Tickets at P150 available at the entrance.

for inquiries: mail@hangad.com


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June 17, 2007


We’ve all had moments when we just couldn’t help but sing. The trigger may be a breathtaking view, a long-awaited victory, a love letter from a sweetheart, an uncontainable loneliness. Whatever it is, the experience is just too emotional for mere words, that words must take on a melody. Whether the song that comes out is one that already exists, or a totally new creation, never mind if there’s no accompaniment. We just have to sing.

It is these very moments when that Ateneo-based vocal group Hangad will celebrate this July, in Walang Ibang Hangad: An All A Cappella Concert.

Walang Ibang Hangad will feature songs from three of Hangad’s five albums, such as “Magnificat” and “Paghahandog”; existing arrangements including “Man in the Mirror” and “People Get Ready”; and new and original arrangements of “Hawak-Kamay”, “Power of Your Love”, “You Raise Me Up”, and “I Will Sing Forever.”

“Some people say a cappella choral music is better than accompanied choral music,” says Paulo Tirol, the group’s musical director. “I wouldn’t say one is better than the other… but definitely, a cappella music has a distinct challenge and excitement, being 100% vocal.

“It’s been a while since we did an a cappella show, and we miss the challenge and thrill of being to pull something off without any instruments.”

Hangad began singing a cappella music in 1996, having acquired scores of inspirational and Christmas music by US groups First Call and A Cappella Praise. When the group recorded Hangad, its first album, in 1996, the album’s lineup included a number of a cappella tracks such as “One Thing I Ask” and “Pagbabasbas.” The group recorded Hangad A Cappella in 2002, an all a cappella album celebrating Jesuit favorites through new a cappella arrangements. To this day, the group’s repertoire for Masses, concerts, weddings, and Christmas prominently features a cappella pieces.

Walang Ibang Hangad will be the group’s first all a cappella concert since the launch of Hangad A Cappella.

Hangad’s creative director Domi Espejo likens a cappella music to prayer. “A cappella music is very bare, very vulnerable, and very pure… it’s just your voice… much like the way you come before God. That’s why the concert is titled ‘Walang Ibang Hangad’—because there’s desire to sing out to God, and nothing else.”

Hangad is a group of young professionals and students bound in friendship by their passion for helping others know God through liturgical and inspirational music. Over the last 15 years, they have recorded five albums, produced three music videos, and staged numerous inspirational concerts around and outside the Philippines.

Walang Ibang Hangad: An All A Cappella Concert will be held at 6 PM on July 8 and 15 (both Sundays) at the Francisco Santiago Hall, Equitable PCI Bank Tower 1 Auditorium, Makati Ave. cor H.V. Dela Costa Sts., Makati City. Tickets will be available at the gate for P150 each. For more information, visit www.hangad.com; or e-mail mail@hangad.com.

Meralco concert 2003

Meralco Theater concert 2003 as a fundraiser for Linkod ng Panginoon.

Shoot for Hangad poster circa 99

If I'm not mistaken, these photos were for a JesComm poster back in 1999.
Its amazing how some people still look the same 8 years after.

June 16, 2007

Bubble Tea

If you like blended tea (like Starbucks Green Tea Frap) then you'll like this new place in MegaB called Bubble Tea. Think Zagu(for the bubbles) meets Quickly(for the flavors). It looks and feels like the small bakeries along the SG SMRT stations (maybe because of the size and colors). They have lots of blended tea varieties like the Red Bean Milk Tea and Milk Tea and other stuff (so much for variety! haha). I didn't really get to explore the menu because I ordered the first item I saw -- Green Tea Milkshake. Winner! Its like FIC Green Tea with sago for P105 (sorta cheaper than a frap). I'm rarely in Megamall(for 101 reasons) but the next time I'm there I'll definitely stop over Bubble Tea again.

You need this!

OK so you're earning six figures a month and currently in the market for a second vehicle. One you can use for coding days and one that will earn you extra pogi points in gimiks. You already have an SUV and a BMW 1 series is slightly out of your range because you've spent your rainy day savings on a trip to Marrakech and decided to spend a couple of nights in Changi to exploit the Great Singapore Sale. You need that new car right now, you need....THE SPIDER!!!!


June 15, 2007

Hangad Minus 1's

Uploaded minus 1's of the following tracks from THE EASTER JOURNEY CD here:
1.) Here in this place

2.) Without Seeing You

3.) Jagged Pieces
4.) The Easter Journey
5.) Children of Light and of the Morning

June 14, 2007

JD vs TB

I caught a couple of episodes of the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency last night in YouTube and it was hilarous!!! I think this show will be my latest guilty pleasure. Goodbye Tyra!

And how about her version of The 12 Days of Christmas?! haha

The Chub Factor

For as long as I can remember, I have always been overweight. I think I've only been thin once in my life and that was after I had my first dengue attack at 13. Other than that, it has been chub central the rest of my life. I have distinct memories of how being a fat kid affected me growing up like

*from grades 2 to 6, I never changed into my P.E. uniform in front of my classmates. On the day P.E. class was scheduled, I'd arrive in school with my P.E. shirt as an undershirt. I started doing this after a classmate named Carl made fun of my man-breasts (or boy-breasts at that time haha).

*when I was 11, my mom hid all the snacks from the fridge and instructed my yayas to keep an eye on me because, in her words, my tummy was walking ahead of my my chin.

*visiting my lolo in Zamboanga del Sur always attracted a small crowd of kids following me around. I guess its not often a remote hillside town gets a visit from a pale chinese kid with a round face and pink cheeks. I tried demonstrating my karate moves
(courtesy of sensei Pat Morita. Heee-yaaaa!!!) to my audience with the hopes of scaring them away but they only laughed.

I breezed through high-school and college without any real weight issues. I think by this time, I've accepted my body type. Some people are just born, well, with a little extra. Besides, at that point in my life I had discovered other traits, talents and skills to define me as person other than my appearance. But I think at the back of my head, I still wondered how different my life would have been if I lost a couple of pounds.

I finally became serious about my weight when I started my first job. Let's call this the "vanity phase". Since I was now earning my own cash, I decided to enroll in a gym. Of course I picked the gym with the least number of members. I ended up in a gym in Mactan, 30 mins away from where I worked and across the main island of Cebu (30 mins is far in Cebu standards). I stuck around for about 2 years. I didn't really diet, just added cardio to my routine. I shed pounds and while the sex was great, it didn't really change my life. I biggest advantage for me was having better options for clothes and gaining self-confidence. Eventually I got tired of it and following a career shift and home-base relocation, I became busy with other priorities.

The next time I'd step foot inside a gym would be 2 years later, or 2005 to be exact. Let's call this the "diet phase". This time I wasn't doing it not for purposes of vanity but for health reasons. I had been at my fattest point in my young life and it did not feel good. I was out of breath sometimes and felt very sluggish. So for the first time in my life, I found myself dieting. No rice, simple baons for lunch like crackers and tuna and lots of water. It was hard starting over again and it irritated me a lot I had to work out in a place oozing with sculpted abs and pecs. (You know how I coped? I told myself before these guys had their six packs, they were a fat as me...don't know if the reasoning was healthy). It paid off and I shed 20 lbs in 4 months. I thought this lifestyle change would be more successful the second time around but, as usual, I got tired of it again (I can only take so much crackers, tuna and salad).

Now I've gained back half of the 20 lbs I lost. I still hit the gym once in a while but I'm mostly uninspired. I need something to jumpstart my next phase which hopefully will last longer this time around. In the meantime as long as chub chasers are around, the world is a safer place =p

June 13, 2007

Half spirits

"That we were created half spirits might be true...but the other half has been given us from the very first moment of our lives - our family is our half spirits, our friends make up half our souls, and all those that love us - they complete us." - Fr. Arnel Aquino, S.J. (excerpt from June 9's thanksgiving mass for friendship)

June 12, 2007

Kill the Wabbit

Bugs Bunny - Funny blooper videos are here
Yes! Yes! Yes! For once Elmer Fudd finally catches the wabbit. I hope theres a video of Cayote finally eating Road Runner hehe

No Jazz Singa allowed

Ahh the good old days or Warner Bros cartoons. Thanks Mike for posting this!

10th Photos

Complete photos can be found in my Picassa album.
Thank you Dave for the fabulous photos!

June 11, 2007

Reasons for Razons

Ok everybody who likes Razon's Halo-halo please step forward. I've heard so much about this famous Pampanga "delicacy" that my family decided to try it out last weekend after a sudden roadtrip to Clark.

My verdict:not bad for halo-halo but best enjoyed for take-out.

Unlike the typical colorful halo-halo with almost a dozen ingredients, Razon's version only has leche flan, caramelized banana and milk(Carabao's milk according to Tita Lorna). I guess its appeal is the just-right sweetness with a perfectly mixed batch. I just wished we had not decided to eat inside the restaurant. Not only was it packed when we arrived for merienda, it was also very very dirty. Lots of foodstuff on the floor, weird smell going around in the dining area (couldn't tell if it was from the food or the customers) and flies hopping from table to table. And speaking of flies, they were more attentive to our food than the restaurant staff. Definitely not a place I'd like to eat again. Besides, I can enjoy the same quality of food minus all the unsanitary experiences in their Ortigas branch.


kisay pinakagwapo? hehe

June 8, 2007

There's A Thing In My Pocket

Theres a thing in my pocket but its not one thing, its many.
Its the same as other things but exactly like nothing else.
It has an eye and an ear that shares what billions hear and see.
Its not a living thing but if you feed it, it will grow.
It can rally the masses, it can silence the crowd.
It can speak a thousand words but it has no voice.
It can find you the places so you can get lost.
And it can let others feel what you've just been touched by.
Theres a thing in my
pocket but its not one thing, its many.

Goodbye Gary Oldman!

June 6, 2007

Bizu Birthday

Pau treated me to Bizu for my birthday today (Yey! We LOVE Bizu!!!). I won't state the boring details of what we ate but let me tell you this, the L'Amour cake is something that should not be missed. Imagine a brownie foundation layerered with orange and chocolate. Definitely a new dessert find for us.

One of these days I'm going to get myself a copy of that menu :)

What? I didn't know the Bizu staff were allowed sing "happy birthday".
It was a delightful surprise though. THANKS PAU!!!


Too modest

Check out the title of this shoe repair shop's service menu.
In fairness they did a great job in cleaning my white moccasins.