April 28, 2007

Locked out

Don't you just hate it when you get locked out of your own home? I think I've been locked out at least once in every home I've lived. In my childhood home I remember squeezing through the grills and opening the door from the inside to let my parents in(thinking about it now, that house must have had big grills because I was a fat kid...well I still am =p)

Another time, I was taking out the trash from my Cebu apartment when I accidentally locked out myself out (come to think of it, you must be stupid if you lock yourself out intentionally). There I was on the pavement in my pj's exploring my options. Should I wait 2 days for my roommate to get back from out of town so he can open the door? Should I go home to my parent's house and wait for him there? Should I wake the landlord and ask for an extra key? Should I spend the night with my cute next door neighbor? I ended up not doing any of the above. I found an old plastic membership card in my car which I used to tinker with the lock.

Still another time my roommate and I BOTH forgot our keys to our the condo unit. The thing pa with these fancy condo locks, the only way to get in is to replace the whole lock. We had to call the supplier who charged us 3000 bucks.

Last night I got locked out naman for a different reason. My overzealous brother, who was staying with me at my unit for the weekend, locked both the primary and secondary locks (I had failed to instruct him not to use both locks since I only carry the key to my primary lock). It was 4am and I had come home from 2 parties so I was kinda drunk. I started knocking for 10 mins and I realized he was never going to hear me. I could not call his mobile because I was batt empty. I couldn't call the landline because the cordless phone was usually unplugged. I decided that the best thing to do was to wait for him to wake up. I camped out in my car and woke up at 9 am with a terrible hangover.
Braving the dehydration and gross gross feeling of wanting to puke, I braved the elevator and knocked furiously for 10 mins. Still no answer. I felt like puking at my doorstep but then I thought why puke at your own doorstep when you can puke at someone else's doorstep? just kidding. At this point I really felt awful and I remembered the building had bathrooms in the 15F beside the gym and pool. To cut everything short, I didnt puke but I spent an hour in the 15F having breakfast, slept for another hour in the car and finally woke my brother up at 11am.

April 26, 2007

Showtime synergy and other retro toons

Man I feel so old!

April 22, 2007


We all have a sacred memory we retreat into every now and then. A time capsule where nothing else exists but the characters in it. We stop and linger for a moment. For now the world is safe.

Blankets is a wonderfully written and illustrated snapshot of growing up, being secure and learning to let go. Its the stuff good memories are made of - childhood playtime, summer vacations, meeting friends, learning the truth and falling in love.

Tonight I'll be sleeping with one question on my mind: When did I learn to step out of my blanket and grow up?

April 19, 2007

Cool Widgets and Sanjaya

God! This entry isn't about Sanjaya widgets! I discovered this cool site today which gave me my Pac Man and Frogger widgets (yipee!). I can't wait to customize my own stuff.

On another note, I thought I'd do a tribute to American Idol on its most important day this season. GOODBYE SANJAYA!!!

(click his head and see his true yamubs side hehe)

April 18, 2007

I want SPARKS to fly

I haven't officially decided who to root for in American Idol this year until I saw tonight's performance. I agree with a lot of my friends that this season is definitely a lot more boring than the past seasons - with the stereotypical African American ladies with big voices, forgettable personalities with fantastic vocals and token controversial contestants who get into the finals with nothing to offer.

At the start of the season I thought I would be as engaged in the show this year as I was last year but NO I'm starting to loose interest in it. Something exciting better happen fast (like getting rid of Sanjaya. I'm dreading to find out how he plans to reinvent himself next week. Who does he think he is? The Indian Madonna?).

Anyway if you're an AI fan check out the weekly reviews at Entertainment Weekly. They're absolutely hilarous! Here's an excerpt of the review from tonight's performance.

"Oh Kiki! I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I...will always...love yooooouuuu...for not choosing ''I Will Always Love You'' during country week, but ''Jesus Take the Wheel''? Seriously? Maybe you should have asked Jesus to take over the song-selection process for you. Also, just a guess: Jesus would like to see you smile. You're not digging a ditch, girlfriend — you're supposedly doing what you love to do! But all kidding aside, while I initially grinned at LaKisha's chutzpah in selecting a massive hit single by one of the show's most successful alumni, the minute she reached the chorus, it was pretty clear the car was screeching off the embankment — and I do mean screeching." (view the complete article)

Forget kiki and Melinda. Jordin's going to be this year's idol!


One of the pleasures of reading emails sent to Hangad is discovering how people use Hangad's music to inspire, to pray and to express themselves. Let me share an excerpt from an email we received recently.

"I'm about to get married and my fiancee keeps on bugging me to play "Panunumpa" on the violin during our wedding reception. I'd love to play for her... even though i haven't played for around 10 years... even though i'm a bit shy... (since i can't refuse!).

So, gathering every bit of courage within me, i've decided to play for her in front of a LOT of people. :) only problem is, i haven't got the violin music sheet for the song, and i was wondering if your group had a copy of the violin music sheets and if you were willing to lend me a copy.

really want to make her happy, you see. and i only have 3 weeks to practice. :) hope you can help me out."

The things we do for love...sigh =)

I thought I'd do all the lovers out there a favor by uploading the violin piece for the song (and the mp3 in my Multiply playlist as well).

April 15, 2007

Internet - second coming

I came across this article in Yahoo which spoke about reconstructing the internet because it wasnt built the way its being used now. I couldnt help but think... has it even gotten to a point where its use has been exploited? And I mean locally in the Philippines. Yeah theres internet security and stuff but less than 10% of the population even tried using the internet. Cheers to the third world! Now let me get back to my vodka.

April 14, 2007

Come Home to SUR

Types of Brand Managers - Telco version

I got this comic strip from Pau yesterday and I just found it so funny! It was one of those rare funny nerdy moments where you go hyuk! hyuk! hyuk! instead BWAHAHAHA! I had to farm this out to my ex-telco friends. Hopefully they can relate. I think we collectively know an Artist and a Proctoid =p

For the heck of it why don't I try creating a telco version of this classification.

Types of Telco Brand Managers
The Innovator
"It's about knowing what subscribers want and offering the perfect VAS for it"

The Track Coach
"I don't care if the product's not done yet. We have to launch it FIRST!"

The Know-it-All
"I know how to do this. I've been marketing this for ages...So how does it WORK again?"

The Image Consultant
"Who cares if the services are the same. It's all a matter of POSITIONING"

The Economist
"It's all about the price. We have to offer the LOWEST RATES"

Know more types? Let me know. This is fun mwahaha!

Go forth and Multiply

Cut to 3 hours after my last entry and I think I've finally had my fill of Multiply. I've done everything from linking my blog, to uploading some Hangad vids from YouTube, to uploading pics, to inviting contacts (and viewing profiles of cuties along the way hehe). Whew! That should be enough Multiplying for the weekend.

Pau has started populating his blog. Check out his hilarious entries =)

Multiplying a boring friday night

Out of sheer boredom I've decided to fill up my Multiply page. I don't know if this will do me any good. Maybe more people to market Hangad events to? hehe It's cool the site has a lot of cross posting functionalities. I can house my blog and albums in one interface. Winner :)

April 8, 2007

Luck E Cat

You can find them in almost every shop counter you go to. Its supposed to be for good luck but it can also mean any of the following:
1.) This shop is feline friendly.
2.) Beware. Cats may scratch.
3.) I worship Baal - the cat version
4.) I desperately need luck and I believe a tacky golden cat with a mechanical right arm can give it to me!

Peri Peri bok bok bok

Here I go writing about food again.

Pau and I tried out this new restaurant in Promenade, Greenhills called Peri Peri Chicken. I can't recall what restaurant it replaced but it is located beside Teriyaki Boy on the ground floor. Anyway, since it was a chicken restaurant we figured we couldn't go wrong with our food. We found out they served carribean-style spitfire cooked chicken. The name pa lang makes your mouth water na. True enough it was yummy. For around a 100+, you get to order quarter chicken (choice between regular, spicy or lemon garlic) plus 2 side dishes (i got a macaroni soup and java rice). They also had bottles of sauces per table (ala Racks) which made the eating experience more fun. I love the mild African chili sauce. If you love chicken then I suggest you check this place out. The only downer for this resto is the service. The food servers seem untrained and almost unprofessional. One of them spilled water on the table and scolded herself with a loud "CLUMSY!" remark. Not only that, she left the table and didn't come back to clean it up. Another food server (I'm not really comfortable calling them waitress) was so ill tempered she slammed my plate on the table while serving it. At first I thought she was just having a bad day but the next moment I heard her laughing out loud with the 1st food server, then she was sitting on the floor using the telephone. I tried to capture her on the phone but it was too late hehe. You can't have it all I guess (well you can but for 200 bucks more expensive and with a better ambiance :) )

Let's Welcome the Easter Bunny

Ever wondered how Easter eggs were made? Happy Easter everyone!

April 6, 2007

McDonalds and Holy Week

Count on McDo to put its branding even during the holiest of days :)

Behold the Wood of the Cross

"Behold, behold the wood of the cross on which is hung our salvation. O come let us adore"

This is the line sung by the priest while unveiling parts the cross prior to veneration. For the past Good Friday services, this was always sung by Fr. Nemy but for some reason this year, the organizers wanted someone from Hangad to sing it. Pau asked me this morning if I could sing it and my first reaction was to ask "Are you sure?". I was hesitant because I knew how sacred this part of the service was and I sincerely felt that I was not worthy to sing it.

I first heard "Behold the Wood of the Cross" sung by Fr. Cris in high school and to me, that was the high point of the Good Friday service. After hearing the passion narrative and remembering the story of our salvation, we are presented with the image of the crucified Christ. First his hands pierced with nails, then his head crowned with thorns then his whole body clinging to a piece of wood. And as the priest unveils the crucified Christ, he chants about "the wood of the cross on which is hung our salvation". How blessed must that piece of wood be that it carried the weight of the salvation of the world.

And for this reason I think God made me remember why I chose to sing in the services every Holy Week and not spend it anywhere else. I am to remember that despite all petty issues I face everyday, all the perceived discomforts I complain about and all the materialism I feed myself with, it is shamefully shallow compared to a piece of wood on which hung our salvation.

April 1, 2007


Have you ever heard of Isdaan in Gerona, Tarlac? It's supposed to be a famous restaurant on the Manila-Baguio route but last night was the first time I've heard of it (not like I travel north often). Anyway, now that I've been there its absolutely one of the places to check out if you're in the area not just for the fantastic dessert (FANTASTIC I TELL YOU!) but also for the floating-asian-village theme. One of the attractions in Isdaan is the "Wall of Anger (for lack of any other name to call it). You get to release all your pent up emotions by smashing either one or all of the items on the wall(depending on your budget): saucer, mug, plate, vase, wall clock, a busted tv or a working tv. Before throwing your object, you have to find a target on the wall and shout TACSIYAPO! Targets range from "Ex-wife" to "Boss" to "5/6". I got to smash two saucers :) Hmm does this mean I have a lot of pent up anger inside me? Maybe smashing stuff is a healthier release than food. I should start making space for my wall of anger here at home (think one of the characters in "How to Make an American Quilt")

Concrete contribution

Over the weekend, Hangad got the chance to contribute to the construction of the St. Josemaria Escriva Parish in Tarlac through a fund raising concert put together by the parish priest (Fr. Jonas Agustin) and a very generous bunch of friends and supporters(namely Jojit & Weng). The show was a success in terms of crowdsize. I think the organizers raised significant funds as well. The concert was carried out in a makeshift stage constructed on top of the beginnings of a parking lot. Fr. Jonas said that the very concrete Hangad performed on was built through the funds received in ticket sales. It'd be inspiring to see the church completed someday. Here are a couple of pics I took before the concert. Unfortunately I don't have pics of the actual concert, I was manning the tech booth and learning to be a sound technician (Yes I'm expanding my role in Hangad. Next I plan to choreograph. mwahaha. Lord have mercy).

moon bathing 3.31

early moonrise in Tarlac, 5:45pm

Tarlac, 8:35pm