December 11, 2006

Solongfarewell/Gilbert knew better

Sept 27, 2006 (late posting)

I've finally decided. I'm taking a break from corporate life. No I'm not going back to school
or have signed up for the seminary (though that remains to be an option). I've just had
enough of telco. You know you want out when waking up in the morning is impossible knowing its gona be another day at the office. When your mind ceases to function in meetings and just
agree with what everyody has to say just to get it over with. When you don't question the directions given to you even if you feel it doesn't make sense. When you you totally don't care about what you do with your job anymore. In short, when you at look at yourself in the mirror and see Pinochio - the wooden boy puppet version.

What does making investors happy got to do with my own happiness? That's a load of corporate crap. Yes I may be "on top of my class" but at what expense? High stress levels about meeting sales targets that you don't even get credit for. BULLSHIT.

Honestly at this point I'm not sure if I really need to get out or just take a break. It's not just because Im burned out. I've given up on the industry. Yes its fast moving and that means itll always change and products will continue to evolve and there will always be new products to launch ...So this should be exciting right? Im not sure if I really want to be in the bandwagon. If I leave now it'll still be fastmoving. Nothings gona change.

"I'm afraid once you start working for telco you'll be stuck in it forever" - quote from our new
BM. I'm with your bro all the way.

Gilbert knew better when he left his job of 10 years. He was their no. 1 salesperson in the service chain and yet he left in the middle of it all.

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