August 26, 2006

Ho-hum Friday night (late upload)

Ho-hum Friday night
I decided to stay overnight in Cebu because I missed my family. I had dinner with them a couple of hours ago and because my brother had to start his shift (he works for a call center), we had to break up and head home. Now I’m stuck in the hotel and bored bored bored BORED BORED BORED! All my friends seem to be busy tonight. Or maybe they just don’t wana meet me hehe.

I’ll visit the house tom. Yey! This means I’ll get to eat a home-cooked meal again  It’s kinda sad thinking about how long I haven’t had a home cooked meal…well that’s what you get for being independent. I should really learn how to cook real food. Maybe I’ll graduate into real cooking when I buy an oven next month. I’m already excited about all the cookies, brownies and other pastries I’m going to bake hahaha I sound so Betty Crocker. But seriously I do like to cook. I even considered enrolling in CCA when I was still in college. Maybe when I finally get tired of having Hangad as my second career I can go into cooking or enroll in PSID. Oh well lets see

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