August 30, 2006

Solo flght

Partying solo flight. What the@#!? God is a DJ. My life is a dancefloor. Just keep the booze flowing

August 26, 2006

Gusto na Kitang Makita

SuperCat for Teej

When I told my friend TJ I was taking a supercat to Ormoc(ugh!) he asked me what a supercat was. I realized not everybody outside the Visayas ever had the need to cross islands(duh). So for everybody who’s never heard or a SuperCat, it’s the cousin of the Super Ferry us Visayas folks use to hop from one island to another.

Ho-hum Friday night (late upload)

Ho-hum Friday night
I decided to stay overnight in Cebu because I missed my family. I had dinner with them a couple of hours ago and because my brother had to start his shift (he works for a call center), we had to break up and head home. Now I’m stuck in the hotel and bored bored bored BORED BORED BORED! All my friends seem to be busy tonight. Or maybe they just don’t wana meet me hehe.

I’ll visit the house tom. Yey! This means I’ll get to eat a home-cooked meal again  It’s kinda sad thinking about how long I haven’t had a home cooked meal…well that’s what you get for being independent. I should really learn how to cook real food. Maybe I’ll graduate into real cooking when I buy an oven next month. I’m already excited about all the cookies, brownies and other pastries I’m going to bake hahaha I sound so Betty Crocker. But seriously I do like to cook. I even considered enrolling in CCA when I was still in college. Maybe when I finally get tired of having Hangad as my second career I can go into cooking or enroll in PSID. Oh well lets see

August 23, 2006

Raymond’s Lullaby

Hangad is recording its 5th album!!! This time it’ll be a 4-track Christmas card CD to be launched this October. One of the original tracks in the CD is a song entitled “Raymond’s Lullaby”. The lyrics is as inspiring as the story behind it.

Marchan Padla, a L’Arche volunteer (L’Arche is a non-profit organization committed to cause of mentally-handicapped street children), emailed Hangad out-of-the-blue about wanting to share a song he wrote. He has never known nor heard of Hangad but he suddenly found himself at the Hangad website. He wrote a song for one of the L’Arche kids named Raymond – a kid who was autistic and hated loud noises. Every holiday season, the volunteers would bring Raymond and the other kids outside the city to somewhere quite. In the serenity of the countryside, the kids would be safe from kapows and bangs urban folks use to celebrate the holiday’s with (firecrackers are definitely the Chinese’s biggest holiday influence on us). Anyway, Marchan aptly wrote “Raymond’s Lullaby” as the song title.

Raymond’s Lullaby
If I’d make a wish for Christmas,
Each day would be like Christmas night.
When we put aside our fighting,
find the warmth that comes from giving,
When the rushing world slows down for once to share a song of joy

Then the noise will fade
Weary hearts will find themselves at ease.
Throughout the world, all men will learn
To live in Christmas peace

Only then shall we feel the baby Jesus in our hearts
What a miracle, the heavenly King,
Born in our hearts!

I might not be able to post again once we’ve launched the album but check out by October to see where you can get a copy :)

August 4, 2006

Hangad Keeps Me Grounded

Check out our website at

Respecting Choices

I found out yesterday one of my best friends in high-school was getting married tom. Weird. You think since you guys were close for a significant number of years you at least expect to get an invitation. But anwyay that's not my point. My point is that both of us were each other's "coming-out-buddy" in high-school. Of course at that stage we both agreed to "cure" it. It seems like he's finally taken that last step into defining his straighthood.

Good for him. I guess he's happy. Well he should be for the sake of the misus. The last thing I want to hear is him having extra servings of fresh adolescent meat while feeding a family of 5.

Seriously, I will learn to be happy for him. Maybe not now but eventually.