July 13, 2006

Sorry weather

I've always wondered what I'd write If I had a blog account. I really dont consider myself much of a talker but I wanted to check this out. I am in the telco/IT industry anyway (well hopefully not for long. YES. TAKE ME OUT OF THIS INDUSTRY! IVE BEEN HERE FOR TOO LONG --im saving more details on that for my next blog).

So there. my first blog. blah blah blah

I'm running out of Wi-Fi minutes. Gotta run (or swim considering the sorry weather).

July 15, 2006
Added the picture just now. Doesnt really match my "sorry weather" Blog. Blogger says you gotta have a pic in your blogs so I can have a pic in my profile.


gelopots said...

hi cutie =)

me! said...

hahaha well hello there yourself cutie =D