July 18, 2006

Petron Taguig Stopover

July 18, 2006
12:30 pm
Petron (somewhere in Taguig C-5)

Finished my first round of interviews for an FMCG company specializing in toothpaste. They didn’t want to discuss the benefits(which was weird) because I needed to pass 2 more interviews before they can discuss it. I’m thinking this means they’re pretty flexible in terms of compensation. An officemate’s brother haggled his way from a meager package to a great one. As of now the only thing I see that sucks is the Saturday work schedule. C’mon! Isn’t Monday to Friday enough? We don’t even have a weekend schedule in telco. But anyway, no need to fret. I haven’t gone through the first round yet. I’ll worry when they’ve handed me the offer and the package wont compensate the Saturday work.

A lot of people ask me which company I want to work for and I always answer “it depends”. Its not that I don’t have ideal companies in mind. I do but for some reason I feel I’m never going to be part of them because of my scholastic background and work experience…but anyway, there are companies I’d like to be part of. Nestle is definitely one of them. It’s the only company wherein I’ve sent my resume more than 3x for a position… even if I’ve already gotten a rejection notice. I definitely want to be in the FMCG industry. I think its something I can learn a lot from and actually grow into. Right now I don’t have any preference as to which FMCG company but whatever I get into I hope it’s a good one. I have 3 non-negotiables for my next employment 1) net xxxk salary, 2) service mobile, notebook and vehicle and 3) opportunity to travel. Other than that I’m much better off at my current employer.

So why have I given up on telco? As my boss clearly pointed it out “It’s only going to get worse”. For one I’m tired of hearing news about the incumbent’s increasing subscribers. Although we’re steadily increasing market share, we’re no where near where we want to me. I cant wait for that to happen. Now that I finally have a solid corporate career, I want to explore greener pastures. I don’t want to grow old in my present company. Yes the pace is exciting and there are a lot things happening but “It’s only going to get worse.” Do I have the tolerance to face the “worse” in telco. Don’t think so. Another reason I’m leaving is simply because I feel I’ve been there too long. I’ve been an employee of that company for four years now. Man that’s forever for my generation of yuppies. Most of my peers are already earning 6 digits. Mine’s is a meager…its too depressing.

You see that’s another thing. When you’re an Ateneo graduate you somehow expect a premium from society. God were such brats. Its totally not fair to other graduates of schools not as prestigious but students as smart as you are. I haven’t really felt discriminated because of my school. Sometimes I think I’m just out of touch but maybe its also because I don’t necessarily flaunt my blue eagle wings. People know me more as an Atenean than as a Cebuano. Hmm…I guess it means there is some sort of discrimination there.

So why cant I be the guy who slacked through college with a Philosophy degree but ended you successful in the corporate world? Maybe not yet. I’m not as successful as I want to be. Wish I were….Wish I may…Grant the wish I wish tonight… Starlight starbright…

I dread going back to work tomorrow. I cant wait to my long overdue vacation. I really really need it. If I don’t get an offer by middle of next week I’m going to take a long vacation 2 week of august after my TV launch. I need it. I deserve it.

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