May 30, 2012

7 ways to join Twitter trends

Sometimes when there is nothing else to tweet, we look at the trends list and see what's hot on twitterverse. More often than not, trending topics don't make sense yet a lot of tweeps still end up tweeting about it. Is it to gain new followers? Is it to attract attention? Or do they just sincerely want to contribute? Whatever the reason, here are 7 ways to tweet (or spam?) Twitter trends. 

Let's take this morning's list as an example:

1.) Ask why the trend is trending.
So why is #JustBecause trending?

 2.) Tweet nothing but the hashtag.


3.) Retweet the top tweet.
4.)  Connect the trends (whether it makes sense or not).
 #JustBecause #UnkabogableShowtime ROCK and RAWR Die In Your Arms Philippines

5.)  Tweet the trending list.
 Now trending #JustBecause #UnkabogableShowtime #TheMorningRush Tom & Jerry

6.) Contribute to the trend...

Don't think you know me #JustBecause you follow my tweets

7.) Or not.
Nakikitrend lang pouhz peace jejejeje #JustBecause

So which one are you guilty of? Know more ways to join the trend?

January 4, 2012

Facebook Love

:) :) :)

December 6, 2011

Google "kaskade in manila"

Look who's at number three in Google's search results for "Kaskade in Manila" 

My party invite got SEO'd better than my video( of the title. 

ANYWAY, can't wait for the next round on Dec 15, 2011 at Republiq. 

December 2, 2011

2012 Holidays

Next year's holidays have been announced! Time to start putting together my 2012 travel itinerary :)

All in all, there will be 16 regular and special holidays to be observed next year. These are:

January 1 (Sunday) - New Year's Day
January 23 (Monday) - Chinese New Year
February 25 (Saturday) - EDSA Revolution Anniversary
April 5 (Thursday) - Maundy Thursday
April 6 (Friday) - Good Friday
April 9 (Monday) - Araw ng Kagitingan
May 1 (Tuesday) - Labor Day
June 12 (Tuesday) - Independence Day
August 21 (Tuesday) - Ninoy Aquino Day
August 27 (Monday) - National Heroes Day
November 1 (Thursday) - All Saints Day
November 2 (Friday) - Additional special (non-working) day
November 30 (Friday) - Bonifacio Day
December 25 (Tuesday) - Christmas Day
December 30 (Sunday) - Rizal Day
December 31 (Monday) - Last Day of the Year

The EDSA Revolution Anniversary was declared a special holiday for all schools.(source)